Crazy 2014 To Do List

When the item on the list goes RED it means we've done it and we have celebrated appropriately/inappropriately.
  1. Re design my blog (01/01/14)  
  2. Alice & Hoff to sort their Wills out 
  3. Alice to pass her driving test 
  4. Go to Majorca
  5. Work hard on my blog and be a success (Alice)
  6. Win a blog award because of the above (Alice)
  7. Go to Alton Towers
  8. Go to Thorpe Park
  9. Go to Legoland 
  10. Get Kyd into space (being an extra in Star Wars will do) 
  11. Go to Greece with Mark Warner
  12. Meet Dave Grohl (Lead singer of the Foo Fighters)
  13. Lose at least 1st each (A&H only)
  14. Raise at least £300 for charity
  15. Start Rocky at Little Kickers (22/03/14)
  16. See the Wombats live
  17. See Aerosmith Live
  18. Meet Phillip Schofield
  19. Go to at least 2 away games
  20. Start potty training Rocky (successful wee on potty 20/02/14)
  21. Meet David Beckham (Kyd) 
  22. Be a Mascot at an England game in the World Cup *wide eyes* ummm, yeah, OK
  23. Watch EVERY game of the world cup
  24. Win tickets to the World Cup
  25. Go to Lords for Cricket and Aly Palley for Darts (Kyd)
  26. Be an extra in Eastenders and/or Hollyoaks (Kyd)
  27. Learn more about Social Media for the blog (Alice)
  28. Read an ACTUAL book... like a paper one
  29. Hoff to legally adopt Kyd  
  30. Make more money than last year

Ummmmmm, WELL, some of those things may be just slightly out of reach... 


Never say never, stranger things have happened to us in this family... most of them in 2013. 
*Disclosure* If we meet Dave Grohl I, Alice, am allowed to kiss him on the face. It was in the marriage agreement.

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  1. Love the new look, very pretty!!
    Super fab list, must stop reading other people's and get mine finished xxx


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