Monday, 11 May 2015

What do you buy for father's day?...

I was chatting to a few mums at playgroup recently about fathers day traditions and what they bought for their OH's from their babies. It turns out a lot of them just get beer... that sounds like a perfectly lovely present to me. One lady said she bought him some e-cigs last year, those flavoured ones. She said she bought them as a joke as she'd been bugging him about giving up smoking but he's bought them regularly since as he loved them. I think she said they were soft drink flavours, Dr Pepper, Fanta, Coke and Sprite I think. Sounds perfect.

I have been debating Hoff's present as I think I've exhausted the beer route now. I thought I'd ask the bloggers for some inspiration.
Nothing!! We’ll make him a homemade card instead!”

— Carolin from Mummy Alarm

A variety of Ales or a Computer game usually.”
— Laura from Tired Mummy of Two

“New DC trainers here”
— Sarah from Boo, Roo & Tigger Too

There were loads more but I've lost the thread. I think that the differences of presents is quite amazing, personal, useful and random was the end result. I love that people buy e-cigs though, it's a massive hint but it obviously paid off.