Monday, 8 September 2014

Why it is important to complain about Medical Negligence

I have had a completely bonkers few years health wise.

I feel like I'm still broken really, like I can't seem to get the real me back health wise, I just feel exhausted with it all.

This was a result of many different mishaps and incidents occurring in and around my pregnancy with Rocky and also the trauma of the birth and what happened after. There was nothing I could have done to prevent it and nothing, when I look back, that I could have changed myself but there is definitely something that others could have done, others being the professionals of whom I was in the care of, of whom should have known better, of whom let me down.

I haven't really gone into detail about the true facts behind my health issues on my blog and I won't until we have cleared up all the facts and the hospital have agreed that they are at fault.

What I have found is that it is hard to make a complaint about a hospital and have it taken seriously. It can take a long time to even get a response from them... as I've found out myself recently with a remarkable 5 month wait for a response... but just because it takes time, doesn't mean you should let them get away with it, it doesn't take away from the original complaint... in fact it could make it much worse for them in the long run.

If you don't complain, stomp your feet or even go as far as take them to court, they are free to do it again, nobody learns anything and others might be harmed. If you don't seek compensation for the harm they have done due to malpractice or negligence and you are left with long term effects from their mistreatment... you are the only one paying for their mistakes and really they should be... really nobody should be and no mistakes should have been made in the first place but this is life.

Complaining or claiming compensation won't take away the damage they've already done, mentally and physically, but it can help with the long term effects not just for you but for the whole family. The time taken away from your family will never be able to be claimed back but the time left with them will be able to be spent with a smile with that bit of financial help if you win your fight.

We all see so many adverts on the TV about compensation companies, my advice to you is to shop around not just with these but with local firms too also ones you've not necessarily heard of can be your best bet sometimes, like Leo Claims for instance. Ask about and see if anyone you know has been through the same and ask them for advice. Look into reviews and statements of others dealing with that company. If you feel comfortable about their practice go ahead and ask them whether they think you have a case. Don't be disheartened if one says no, it is often the case, just try others.

**Remember you have 3 years from the time of the incident, so don't wait too long but don't feel rushed... if you know what I mean. Try to gather as much evidence and as much info as possible about your illness, accident or issue with the hospital involved in the mean time as the companies involved often won't understand the full content of the issue without it and it might help your case.... just thought I'd add that little nugget of advice in there for you!

Most big companies will have a ring back service so it won't even cost you the cost of the call, so what is there to stop you enquiring?

If I have learnt anything from this situation it is that these things take time and take patience. If you've been wronged tell them so, it's not about the money it is more so that they don't do the same to someone else and their family.

Good Luck to those who are starting their journey.

This post was brought to you by Leo Claims but written in my own words and about my own story - Click here for more information on my disclosure policy


  1. I wish you luck with this Alice. I know you have been quiet of late and you are in my mind often. Hoping you get the answers and support you need. H x

  2. I can understand this too my daughter suffered severe constipation from birth we spent alot of time in and out of hospitals, we were placed with a specailist at local hospital who seen yasmin (my daughter) every 6 months and was adamant it was her diet! we struggled with pain and alot of accidents until yasmin was 6, nothing at all was done . the summer arrived and the accidents were more obvios so i took her back to my GP. Within 24 hours we were contacted with an emergancy appointment with a specialist at a large hospital, they wisked her in 3 days later for a evacution of the bowel followed by alot of adult doses of laxatives, everything was ok for 2 years then for some reason or another it started again. back in for another evacution and a change of meds . now yasmin is 11 and the tablets she was taking and were working were withdrawn from the market leaving us 6 months later packing yet another bag for yet another hospital visit, but this time to have ACE bowel managment fitted, we have thought long and hard and think this is the last resort to yasmin leading a normal healthy is saturday and d day is tuesday we only hope that one day yasmin will be able to have a bowel movement by herself and they can remove the ACE. i personally will not miss the soiled mess inside knicks and clothing . anyone who has had or experienced an ACE please feel free to tellme your thoughts as a mother its heart breaking to see your child go through this ,,
    thank you for listening x


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