Wednesday, 2 April 2014

I couldn’t cope in your shoes…

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The moment you find out you’re pregnant,
Is the moment that the unconditional love for that child begins.
The moment you receive a diagnosis,
Is the moment that your unconditional love for them becomes your strength.
It guides you on your everlasting journey as a parent.
You’ll never lose that strength,
Because it’s powered by that unconditional love you’ve had from the beginning…
And unconditional love is just that….
You may think you wouldn’t cope in those shoes,
The truth is,
Once you’re in them…
You just do!
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After a lovely chat with a very good friend, of whom is as mental as me with a similar situation but much busier than mine, about how people often say to us...
'I don't know how you do it?!'
'I wouldn't cope in your shoes'
or even
'you've coped so well considering, how do you do it?'
Each said in a lovely way that means 'you're doing a great job for what life has thrown at you' which is lovely... but when you live the life of a parent with a child (or children) with any sort of additional need you just do what needs to be done, no fuss, just gets done because it has to.
When I say
'Anyone would do the same'
I mean it.
Unconditional love isn't just something parents with children who may need a little extra attention have... it is just simply a parent thing, something we all hold.
So yes, you could cope in my shoes because it is just as natural as tucking your child into bed at night with a kiss to the forehead and a 'sweet dreams'.
You should think more of your abilities as a parent, you'd be fine.
We are all amazing.
Jenny from, who also took these amazing pics, has written a piece about how she does 'IT'
Read all about 'IT' here...



  1. Phenomenal post. But you still rock. Even if you think we could all do it. I believe God gives us the cross he knows we can carry. Meaning he picks those who can walk the path he has set them. You walk that path with beauty and grace. To say that anyone can do that, is to discount the AMAZING job that you do. I know I am disagreeing with you but I found your post incredibly moving, and it brought the words I now say. Love from Liska x

  2. I love this, Alice. Unconditional love is a powerful emotion that underpins everything we do as parents. Well said!

  3. I said it to Jenny and will say it again to you, you ARE AMAZING, whatever you say x

  4. Alice, thank you for your massive role in the fundraising but also for this incredibly informative post. Yep, our kids are more likey to get certain medical conditions, but yep, it won't happen to them all. And yep, we are all individuals.
    PS you are a poster creating superstar!
    Hayley xxx


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