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How to brighten up your home tastefully this spring

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At last, the weather has started to get a little warmer, the sun is shining and there are daffodils everywhere. For many, a change in the weather means a change in the home.

I'm getting the decorating itch again and I am desperate to brighten up my house as the décor has become quite stale.
So where do you start when you begin to brighten up your house? I asked the masses...
Here are the answers I got...

Pick a colour scheme

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Instead of diving head first into your design project, take a minute or two to consider a colour scheme. If not, you may end up with an overly eclectic look as opposed to a tasteful revamp.

Tick those repairs off your to-do list

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We’re all guilty of leaving household repairs to the last minute. They just seem like too much of a chore in the winter months. However, come spring, we often feel a little more energised, which means we can finally begin to tick a few tasks off that endless to-do list.

As the weather begins to get a little warmer, this is also a good time to make a few structural changes if they are needed. Investing in the likes of double glazing for sash windows is a great idea. Cleaning up any tired-looking window sills and window panes will allow the sunlight to enter the home more freely, brightening the entire area up.

Create a mood board

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If you’re planning on redecorating an entire room, it’s important to create a mood board. This will allow you to plan a colour palette, a floor plan and a style. Collecting cuttings from interior magazines, gathering printouts from the Internet and accumulating fabric samples will help you to do this.

Bring the outdoors in

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Nothing quite says spring like a colourful floral display in the home. Investing in various vases and filling them with beautiful flowers will instantly brighten up a drab space. Keeping the flowers similar shades or opting for arrangements that boast colour opposites is a great way to brighten up any room in a tasteful manner.

Create a feature wall

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If you’re on a budget yet wish to add a dramatic look to a bedroom, a living room or a dining room, creating a feature wall is an easy and cost-effective solution. You can either paint the wall a vivid hue or use stencils to add typography. Alternatively, you can invest in just the one roll of snazzy wallpaper to liven up your room. Apart from taking little time to complete, such a technique will quickly transform the look and feel of an entire room at a fraction of the cost.

Paint pot at the ready, I think I am set to start my revamp....
I may even let Hoff help!

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