Monday, 10 March 2014

#ThorpePark - Happy Height Day - The first 500 kids of 1.4m tall go free!!!

For children in Britain today there are lots of things to look forward to but one of the biggest milestones is how tall they are compared to their peers. New research reveals that being tall enough to go on the most thrilling roller coasters at a theme park is one of the top three milestones of growing up. THORPE PARK Resort is celebrating this moment, and wishing all that achieve it a ‘Happy Height Day!’
Kyd achieved the all important 1.4m this time last year and he was the most excited he has ever been (read about it all here). After years of standing at the gate watching us fly round the skyline on the big rides, whilst he stood still, on the ground, looking on with his bottom lip out, desperate to be on there with us, he was finally able to strap himself onto the ride sand fly around grinning like the Cheshire cat whilst screaming like a girl (his words not mine). This little 1.4m high thrill seeker, couldn't have been happier and neither could we. Seeing his face light up as they measured him and they said 'yep, you're good to go, enjoy Swarm' was one of those moments that we will never forget, that will be etched on our minds forever.

THORPE PARK Resort conducted the research to find out when British children reach the magical 1.4m height when they are tall enough to ride the biggest coasters at theme parks and how important this was to them. The average age in the UK for children to reach 1.4m is 10 years old, a drastic height change to research carried out in 1911 which revealed an average age of 13. Professor Gary Butler of Reading University supports this, finding that children are growing faster at a rate of  about an extra 1cm a decade. A trend which could be put down to better access to food, exercise and a wider gene pool than our ancestors.
Thorpe Park is Kyd's favourite place in the UK.
From the moment we get on the train/in the car he has an excited glint in his eye, one that we have only ever found elsewhere when we hit the even bigger rides in Florida last October. He smiles from ear to ear as he's thrown around the park on rides most of his adult friends wouldn't even dream of going on. He is a natural thrill seeker always wanting to try out the newest ones first, the ones he has never done before, always after the new thrills he has yet to seek. Some kids would be scared, he laughs in the face of the likes of Swarm and Saw the Ride, I have a feeling Rocky will be just the same but until then he can make the most of all the other rides suitable for younger children.... I know we are all excited about the new Angry Birds section of the park which opens in May.

When asked how they would most like to spend a day with family and friends, an overwhelming majority of the children (70%) stated theme parks. However nearly half (48%) of kids would be most disappointed if they weren’t tall enough to ride the most thrilling roller coasters when visiting one. Given this importance on reaching the dizzying heights of 1.4m, it’s no surprise that a huge percentage of kids (60%) would rather be taller than older.

Jason Wills, THORPE PARK Resort – Marketing Director, “We see so many excited kids every year who have just reached 1.4m and are now tall enough to have the ride of their lives. At THORPE PARK Resort we’re championing this achievement with our Happy Height Day, and celebrating the moment these kids experience a whole new world of thrills!

“Whilst we love seeing these kids giddy with excitement to ride on Stealth for the first time, with over 25 rides and attractions throughout the Park  and with a new ANGRY BIRDS Land opening in May, there really is so much to keep the whole family entertained. And that includes those under 1.4m!”

Calling All 1.4m Tall Kids!!...
From 20th March  THORPE PARK Resort reopens to the public. To celebrate this reopening and for all those children that have reached the magic height of 1.4m, THORPE PARK Resort is offering free admission to the first 500 children who measure between 1.4 and 1.5m plus a guest on both Saturday 22  March and Sunday 23 March! For more information  plus full T&Cs visit WWW.THORPEPARK.COM

THORPE PARK Resort has been hit by March madness. Between Monday 3rd and Wednesday 12th March 2014 you can buy tickets in advance online for just £20. That’s an almost 60% saving on full price tickets. 
Why visit now?
Apart from mega savings on our ticket prices, the Resort is less busy out of peak season.
That means SHORT queues = MORE ride time = MORE FUN for you and your family crammed into one day!

So what are you waiting for??
Get on that website and book your little 1.4m giant tickets for the ride of the life!
Happy Thrill Seeking!
To book tickets simply visit the website: and book online before 12 March.

Once you've booked online, you can upgrade your ticket to a THORPE PARK Resort Annual pass on the day of your visit, for just £28. Visit as many times as you like for the whole season! 
I was not paid by Thorpe Park for writing this post, however we did receive tickets in exchange for our honest opinions. 


  1. GG is measuring herself daily. I cannot wait to see her face when she gets to the magic height - those pictures of Kyd always give me a glow :)

  2. What a great initiative on behalf of Thorpe Park! Something they will always remember! I love your photographs too, they are brilliant! :)

  3. Becky Goddard-Hill12 March 2014 at 14:47

    My son is so close........


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