Sunday, 2 March 2014

Kyd Loves #Review - Interplay Rivetz Pterodactyl

Well I will start by saying finding crafty toys that Kyd can actually do easily is often a challenge and so when we were asked to review Interplay's Rivetz® Pterodactyl Technokit ready for National Science & Engineering Week coming up (from 14th - 23rd March), we took up the challenge with open arms, knowing that we may be entering into a losing battle but that's fine, it'll be fun trying and we love a challenge, so who cares.

A Bit About Rivetz® Pterodactyl
With this Technokit you can create a 3D card sculpture of an awesome Pterodactyl using a unique self-locking riveting system and the patented Rivetz® Gun.  First, learn how the Rivetz® system works, then begin assembling the Pterodactyl by folding and fixing together the pre-cut, pre-printed card shapes. Just follow the colour illustrated instruction manual provided to see how it’s done. The plastic rivets are easy to remove so if you make a mistake just take them out and start again! The result is a model you will be proud to show off and is especially designed to be hung from a ceiling!  
Just one of the collectable Rivetz® 3D construction activities available from Interplay.
Price: £14.99 (More on where to buy and to see the rest of the Technokit collection HERE)
Recommended for ages 8 years and over.

What's In The Box
1x Instructions Booklet
1x Technokit Rivetz® Gun
35x Technokit Rivetz® Rivetz
35x Technokit Rivetz® Rivetz Centres
17x Printed Pterodactyl Pieces

What We Did...  
This looked a little complicated for Kyd to do on his own, so on a cold wet and dreary Sunday afternoon Kyd and Hoff sat down at the table in their PJ's and had some father/son bonding time. Crafting such as this is perfect for little boys (and girls) to do with their dads and makes for the perfect distraction from boring rainy 'what can we do now?' days. It takes concentration and fiddly team work and so it teaches team skills whilst they laugh and joke when things go wrong.... well that is the dream scenario anyway, what actually happened was Hoff was left doing it on his own because Kyd got frustrated at tearing the pieces by accident and the team part of the team work was split into two individuals doing their own thing... one of which then disappeared upstairs in a strop.

The instructions weren't brilliant for SEN children as it was all written and coded, so for visual learners/non readers this was very impractical. A photo for each instruction would make this very complicated Technokit much, much, easier.

The gun was really easy to use, fiddly but easy, and Kyd and his sausage fingers loaded it really gently and together with Hoff he managed to get the hang of it after showing him only once.

The Pterodactyl pieces were printed on thin card with scored folding lines, numbers and letters on the back. Each piece was easy to pop out and fold ready to be put together. The putting together part wasn't as easy though as the pieces ripped as they were put together and that caused quite a lot of frustration... and sticky tape in the end.

What Kyd Said...
At the beginning: This looks really exciting and I really like dinosaurs. I like the gun.
During: Arrggghhhh I ripped it *tears start to fill his eyes* I've broken it!! *frustration begins* I can't do it.... I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! *cheers*
Towards the end: *stomps upstairs in a huff* I need a wee *doesn't come back*
At the end: *comes back down* Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh I am going to hang it in my room, it's really cool. I still like the gun can I keep it?

What Hoff Said...
The Pterodactyl was a terror to put together but very satisfying seeing the end result.... saying that, after completing that I need to sit in a dark room and listen to whale music.

Marks out of 10 (1 being poor - 10 being amazing)

Over All...
Kyd seemed to really like the idea of the Technokit and we will be buying them in the future for us to do, maybe when he can do them by himself or with Rocky though. The Instructions were clumpy and needed to be documented in pictures so that it would be easier for all, not just SEN children. The idea is fab and the Rivetz® Gun and rivetz were a genius crafty invention and were easy to use and lots of fun.

Read what Emily at FamilyFourFun and her family thought of the same Technokit HERE

 I was not paid by Interplay for writing this post but I did receive one of their products to use and keep in return for my honest review of their product.
 All the content from this post is written in my own words (apart from the quote from their website) Click here for more information on my
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  1. that does look a little technical and hard to put together - not sure i would have the patience but well done to Kyd and Hoff for peservering and finishing the task. x

  2. Becky Goddard-Hill3 March 2014 at 14:09

    Looks a bit tricky to me!

  3. OOh looks tricky, but the end result is fab!

  4. What a brilliantly thorough review! Looks quite tricky to me, I'm glad my daughter is only little still and doesn't have complicated kits like this - I struggle just to get some things out of their packaging!

  5. Ah thanks for this review. We have a dragon and I had let the 10 year old get on with it. He's struggling and sulking about it.

  6. That does look a little tricky to be completed by just one set of hands, the end result does look great though

  7. cakesphotoslife (Angie)3 March 2014 at 21:13

    Well done to Kyd that he got the hag of it eventually, my little man would have gone within minutes of starting, never to return x

  8. AlexanderResidence3 March 2014 at 21:37

    Well done Kyd! My daughter got really stressed with an art book this weekend, I never know how far to push them! Looks like you got a fab dinosaur in the end!

  9. Thanks for linking to my review - we felt exactly the same as you, pretty frustrated and angry with it in the end! I was very impressed with the model though and we made ours some time ago and it's still standing - which is impressive in this house! xx


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