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#FLAwards 2014 - Judging the Family Club Of The Year Award

Last night I got my glad rags on and went to meet with the hierarchy of the Football League for their annual awards ceremony.

The Football League Awards founded in 2006, celebrate the excellence on and off the pitch, amongst the 72 clubs in the Football League. The event itself attracts players, managers and staff as well as lucky competition winners, sponsors and partners.

The FLAwards is the first major football awards of the season and has a clear point of difference to the other awards which focus only on the mangers and players. Categories include Supporter of the year, Family Club of the year, Community Club of the year and new for 2014 Best Digital and Audience Growth. The categories are judged by panels of industry experts and media professionals.

This year I was asked to judge the Family Club of the year category alongside 4 other judges and I was both honoured and excited by being given the opportunity. The judges for each category got together in January at the Football League offices in London and had the hard job of trying to pick not only an over all winner of the award but divisional winners too.

I have done this once before when I was pregnant with Robin in 2012 and I have to say, the job was a lot harder with much stronger competition this year than in 2012, the clubs really are doing a fantastic job in making football more family friendly at their home grounds.

Watch this Video... you may recognise a face or two
*cough* MINE! *cough*

I really enjoyed the awards this year, there were so many worthy winners and I was completely honoured to be asked back to judge for a second time. As a season ticket holder (Kyd too) at Reading FC for 7 years now, I have drummed up a lot of ideas and understanding about how clubs could attract a new generation of supporters. Reading FC have some great schemes which we see ourselves week in week out but whilst judging the awards I got to read up on what other clubs are doing to attract new (and old) families and it fascinated me with every page I read as to just how much work goes into this behind the scenes all across the country in every league. From pocket money pop up shops in the concourse to reduced price ticket offers throughout the year, they really are beginning to cover all grounds in making the beautiful game special for all ages.

This year we had a very worthy winner of the Family Club of the Year Award, a club who have found themselves in financial hardship over the years, yet have really pulled together to make their club the best it can possibly be for their fans and for as little cost as possible. It just shows how much the passion of the staff and current supporters of a club can really achieve when it is put to work.
Here is a short video of why we chose
 Middlesbrough FC
as the over all winner of
Family Club of the Year Award 2014.

If you can believe it, all the entrants for the award this year were of similar high standards to Middlesbrough FC and having to choose was a nightmare for us judges but it was a job we had to do. Here are the over all divisional winners...
League 1 - Wolverhampton Wanderers
League 2 - Plymouth Argyle
A huge congratulations to ALL the winners across the categories, each and every one was well deserved and a big Thank You to all of those involved in the Football League Awards for asking me to be involved...
I am available next year if you need me #JustSaying... *winks*

If you want to watch the Awards Ceremony and see all the winners receiving their awards you can catch it all here on the Football League YouTube channel.

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  1. cakesphotoslife (Angie)17 March 2014 at 17:54

    What a great thing to do, clubs are really pushing themselves to bring in the next generations and a family feel is the best way to go about it x


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