Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Debenhams Random Act Of Kindness - A Big Thank You xx

A few weeks ago I got a little something through the post.
This is something that happens quite regularly but they are usually things for the children, boring house stuff or bills.
This package was different...
This package had my name on it AND it was actually for me!

This package was a Guess Silver Safety Pin  and Charm Bracelet from Debenhams, chosen for me by the lovely Emily from FamilyFourFun as part of the Debenhams Random Act of Kindness Campaign.

The Random Acts of Kindness campaign is a daisy chain of friendship (with a valentine’s edge as it was the month of love when it started, but with a nod to friendship instead), the chain began in February with a blogger being asked to nominate two friends to receive bracelets from Debenhams and those two then nominating two and so on. I am the end of the chain, the clasp that brings the chain together if you like.

Emily added a little reason as to why she chose me:
‘Alice certainly doesn’t have it easy yet is full of positivity, supportive of others and lots of fun to be around. She beautiful, clever, honest and a bit bonkers - and you can tell her I said that!’

That made me cry a little... even the bonkers bit!

I met Emily a while ago and we've spoken regularly and seen each other at events at random places since. The Blogosphere is a big place but you often find that even with the thousands of bloggers out there you meet up with the same faces at so many of the conferences and events and you gain real friends from it. Scarily Emily has actually seen me at my best and my worst, in which alcohol and a giraffe onesie may have been involved, but luckily that didn't put her off, she obviously appreciates my madness more than some hahaha.

Read Emily's Random Act of Kindness post Here

I'm a bit of a rocker, I love guitars and drums and the people playing them. I love gigs and festivals and jumping around like a mad woman in a crowd of 80,000 other mad people, so this rocker esk safety pin bracelet was the perfect choice for me and I LOVE IT! Great choice Em!

I really think that this campaign is one of my favourites I've seen coming from the PR world so far in my blog life. It is thoughtful and lovely and makes the day of someone you know with a gift you chose for them, which makes them feel appreciated and you feel fuzzy inside too. Hats off to Debenhams and their PR team for thinking outside the (jewellery) box on this one.

Again a huge, bottom of my heart 
To both Emily and Debenhams, I love it more than Jelly Tots.
Love From
I was not paid to write this post however I did receive a bracelet in return for writing about the campaign.


  1. He looks like he's having a fabby time - what an awesome experience!

  2. Look at his face Alice - it says it all doesnt it?
    This is a great event being held by Thorpe Park - think of all those budding riders turning up for their first extreme attraction ride!!! amazing and love your photos x

  3. Bahahaha! Your face is ace Alice.It looks like the boys had a ball.

  4. maggy, red ted art13 March 2014 at 09:08

    Awwww looks like such a FUN FUN FUN DAY!!!!!!

  5. Awwww, My little Z is a bit of a way off yet!

  6. Ahhh, what a nice thing for Thorpe Park to do - great idea to make a special day for all those kids even more special! x


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