Thursday, 6 March 2014

Dear Rocky... Please don't press delete... twice... it hurts me

Dear Rocky,

Today I have had to place you in your room because I didn't know what else to do with you.
You are that age (20mths) in which I can't use the naughty step because you don't understand it and yet you know damn well when you are being naughty.... especially when you do it repeatedly, like pressing delete on things, twice so it has completely gone and no return and turning the laptop off with those sneaky little fingers that appear from behind the screen as if from least once a day.
If you delete another one of my quite important blog posts, which has taken me 3 days to finish because of you and your ability to distract me after every sentence, I will pack your bags and move you into the shed with the spiders. 
I now have to try and scramble around trying to put the entire thing back together and pray it is better than before.. if not you will have no pudding for a week.

 Think of this as your written warning.

Love Mum
*Update* He's currently vacuuming the hallway voluntarily with his Dyson DC59, it is handy for making self inflicted punishments fun whilst trying to look sorry.


  1. All I can suggest in terms of saving your work is to type them up as a Google Document which saves every few minutes, then if little fingers do press anything you can at least have a saved copy from just moments ago.

  2. Kirsty Hornblow6 March 2014 at 16:52

    So frustrating! It is such a difficult stage but I have to say that we did use the naughty step from even earlier than 20 months as he knew exactly what he was up to. I tend to keep the computer off in the mornings when we are together and give my little one lots of attention and then in the afternoon he seems happier to potter about doing his own thing and I do mine. It still doesn't guarantee little fingers pressing all the wrong buttons though x

  3. Mahaha...sorry. He is so cute though. It si so hard at that age isn't it. They are into everything!

  4. Oh but he looks like butter wouldn't melt hun x

  5. Becky Goddard-Hill6 March 2014 at 17:22

    He looks like a little angel

  6. Oh that's so frustrating isn't it? I remember that stage well - when they're learning to rebel but too young to understand a punishment. Good luck with the second draft x

  7. Just like my little monster (although he's older than yours). I get SO mad at him... but can't stay that way for long. At least you get your house vacuumed. How do I get mine to do that as penance? I'd have the cleanest floors in the UK.

  8. Oh Alice. I feel your pain and I'm sure they would have been the most perfect blog posts ever - like the ones we think of at night and them forget by the morning! I've only just discovered Ctrl Z courtesy of one of my students - do you know about that? XX


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