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You, Your Kids and Sheds

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You would be forgiven for thinking a garden shed is just a place to store tools and random bric-a-brac, but there's actually so much more that this external space can be used for.

What's more, it's not just a hideout for men, it can be the ideal extension of your home, with something for the entire family - even the little ones can make use of the space with a little imagination.

Here are some ways to make your shed a place of fun for the all the family.

A play area for the kids

Space is of a premium inside many homes, meaning children often have little room in which to play, but turning your outdoor shed into a designated play area can easily solve this problem.

Depending on how creative you want to be, you can really make an impact with your converted playhouse. Paint the walls bright colours, or get really artistic and design a mural. Complete the look with soft furnishings such as bean bags and large cushions, so that the little ones have somewhere to relax and take a break.

Shelving units can form an easy way to store toys and books, as can a small partition behind which you can keep other items like garden tools.

An arts and craft room

Letting the children get creative seems like a great idea, until you have to tidy up after them! Having an outdoor space for arts and craft activities means you won't have to worry about a few splashes of paint on the floors or glue stuck to work surfaces.

The shed itself could also be included as part of an arty project, let the kids get involved with the decoration and painting of the walls. A simple log cabin can be a blank canvas for the little ones so they can redesign it into something much more colourful and personal.
a scene from Little Rascals (film) in their clubhouse.

When the children aren't using the space, big kids can take over for their own art projects. Sheds can provide the peace and quiet you need to get creative, while the surrounding scenery and natural lighting provide the perfect backdrop for a relaxing time painting and drawing.

Band practice space

If your children are musical and need a place to practice that won't disturb the rest of the family, in a shed is the ideal place.

They come in all different shapes and sizes, meaning most instruments can be easily accommodated. Sheds can also be soundproofed if your kids play noisy instruments like electric guitars or the drums - all you need is some empty egg cartons for a low-cost but effective solution.

Games room

Adults and children alike can have fun in a shed converted into a games room. For those not adverse to a spot of DIY, you could run an electricity cable into the cabin so that you can set up a viewing area, complete with TV, games console and DVDs.

If you prefer to get away from screens, then having a table and chairs provides the ideal set up for board games and puzzles. Invest in some folding furniture so it can easily be tidied away when not in use.

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