Friday, 14 February 2014

An Un-Romantic Valentines Day

Today is Valentines day... *shrugs*

We don't really 'DO' Valentines Day.

Actually, we don't really 'DO' mushy, sweet, romantic tosh.... it just makes us feel awkward and uncomfortable, especially in public. Our wedding photos were the hardest thing in the world for us to do as we were just laughing at each other.

It doesn't mean we love each other any less than the hoards of people opening their cards and smelling their roses this morning, it just means we display it differently and EVERY DAY of our relationship... not just on the days we're told to.

It's the little things for us. The random acts of kindness that are WAY out of character and mean way more than an over priced bunch of flowers that'll die soon after re-mortgaging your house to buy them.... or to reverse it, the not that funny socks that you look like a tit in and the boxers saying 'Hunk' that you can only wear when out with her or your mates will beat you up verbally about it.

Don't get me wrong it is really nice to express your love for your someone special on a day set out by companies to guilt you into buying things to express your love... but you know damn well it is just so that she can put on her facebook all about how amazing you are and so that her mates comment on how amazing you are too and give you a huge pat on the back for being EPIC!

'ahhhh he's the best boyfriend in the world isn't he!' comments are always good on days like this, you may as well copy and paste it onto every females status just so you can help them congratulate their partners on blindly saying 'one of them please' in a shop.

It makes it so much more special when others comment on how lovely you are for doing what you're told to do doesn't it?!

Having a day like this makes you really think about what you're going to do to express your love, well actually, when the shops have ready made displays of 'just buy this and she will think you've tried really hard' do you really think that hard about what it is she'll be throwing in the bin next week because it is useless tat.... Leave the useless tat to the teens they love tat!

We did try though, we did think about trying to be 'normal' for a day.

Last night we did our weekly shop, we both tried to sneak off to buy a card without the other noticing, which we both failed to do as we caught each other at the till. The romance in it all was immense. Even the till bloke was laughing.

We then bought each other a scratch card to put in it... in front of each other, because we are cool.

We then got home and completely forgot to write the cheap and thoughtless cards from Morrisons and when we woke up this morning both laughed at how awful we are at this romance stuff.

I did however win £1 on my scratchcard and we shared a Quarter Pounder meal from the Maccy D's drive through on the way back from Kyd's check up with the surgeon... I don't usually share food. I even said that I would happily give him a pink Jelly Baby if I had any, now THAT is love!

I may even cook him something later.

Today is just another day... maybe you should save yourself some money and go out to dinner next week... If it is love, it can wait until then.


  1. Lovely Alice, THAT is real romance. Right there. Enjoy your evening xx

  2. Absolutely love this post. So true for so many of us.


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