Monday, 9 December 2013

Wuhoooo I'm a #MarkWarnerMum

A little while ago I entered into a competition to become an ambassador for Mark Warner, the holiday company. (see the entry here)

As an ambassador we as a family would be sent on holiday to review the resort and work along side Mark Warner throughout 2014 with lots of (currently) secret missions.

This, to us as a family, was a dream job, as it would be for many, a dream in general actually. I entered knowing many others would too. I didn't really think we would stand a chance as the standard was so high, the bloggers were all so EPIC and well, I just didn't think I was going to really.


I only went and blimming won...


I am still in utter shock. 

I was at another event in London when I received the email. I couldn't hold my excitement in... I let out a little squeal, did a little dance and then squealed a little more.

At the event was one of the judges, Laura from Tired Mummy of Two, who looked over and smiled knowingly. I was shaking, I couldn't type my response to the email I was shaking that much. When it sank in a few seconds later, I ran over hugged her, thanked her and almost knocked her to the floor.

You see, I didn't want this role because it was a free holiday... ok that was a bonus... but I wanted this holiday to work along side a holiday company and teach them what is needed for families with children with special needs on their holidays.

I didn't mention that in my post, I didn't want to sway the vote with a mention of Our Kyd and his disabilities, I wanted to win on my own credit and then work it so that it advantaged many families not just ours.

Luckily Mark Warner seem to have the same idea, so watch this space. We are going to listen, feed back and report back the who's, whats, whys and wheres of family holidays with Mark Warner when you have a child or children with special needs and we hope to help both you and them along the way.

As a family that only go on holidays with Kyd when we know all we need to know about the resort and the childcare available and if it suitable for his needs, we know how hard it  is to find somewhere you are comfortable enough to take them. I hope we can help with that and show you places that really are.

I also hope we can help with the siblings too, obviously Rocky will be enjoying all the activities and childcare available to toddlers and he will be reporting back too so we aren't all SEN based.

Not forgetting us adults... WE will be doing all we can to report back to you how utterly amazing it is doing all the activities and sitting by the sea relaxing... it's a hard life. *winks*

*Raises Glass*
May this be the start of an EPIC journey and partnership to come.

Cheers *chinks*

I would like to thank Mark Warner and all the judges for showing faith in us as a family and as a blog. We are so grateful to be a part of what is going to be an EPIC year.

We are over the moon.

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