Friday, 29 November 2013

Why I would like to be a #MarkWarnerMum

So, Mark Warner the holiday company have set a blogger challenge in order to find their 5 new Mark Warner Families, so I thought we would give it a try...

IF we get picked for the job we would be in with the chance of, not only a free/working jam packed Ski or Sun holiday but plenty more opportunities along the way.

In order to be in with a chance of being a #MarkWarnerMum we have to write up why we would make a great Mark Warner family... Easy, yes!... but pimping myself out and bigging myself up, is not my strong point so bear with me.

I thought I'd do it in a slightly different way to just a blog post and I thought maybe a poem was a good idea, a bit different, slightly quirky... not so normal... as my readers know, I don't do normal.... actually after meeting the Mark Warner Team at Blogfest I'm pretty sure they know that too... In my defense I was fresh off a flight from Florida and majorly jet lagged and they did provide me with endless cocktails... soooooo I'm not sure that was all my fault!! *looks around sheepishly*

Here it is...

Why I want to become a #MarkWarnerMum

#PickUs if you want bonkers
Mad, crazy and unique.
Always up for anything
Ready made superheroes, so to speak.
Kooky and a little odd
We like to try new things
All of us are up for fun
Rocky even sings.
Napping in the sunshine
Enjoying all the snow
Risking life and limb for fun
Making memories as we go.
Underpants on the outside, Watch us superheroes learn to ski
Mark Warner your search is over, Your #MarkWarnerMum is me

The End

If I get picked, my main aim is to meet Mufasa, the #MarkWarnerDog, I am not sure whether it's a he or a she but that dog looks mighty cool in that red coat. I like dogs, although I prefer cats but thats not the point, I think we'd take him/her for a walk (If we were allowed that is, we're not Dognappers) and we'd be friends for life, he/she would be like a holiday romance and we'd write to each other... too much? OK so, we'd bond and then he'd forget us, like all holiday romances but we'd have lots of photos to remember our holiday with Mufasa... because he's really cool and he's a dog in a coat...

I think that anyone that wins this competition will be truly grateful for the opportunity to work with a company like Mark Warner. I hope we get the opportunity ourselves but the best of luck to everyone that enters and fingers crossed for everyone.

Wish us luck folks

Thursday, 28 November 2013

How to make edible Dinosaur Eggs

This is not really a foody type of blog and I am no Nigella but I put a photo up of the homemade Dino Eggs we had for tea tonight and people seemed to love them. I have done them before for Kyd but this is Rocky's first Dino Egg and he LOVED it. 
When I got asked how to make them my response 'Magic... of course' didn't seem to cut it with the crowds SO here you go, here is the real truth.... 

How to make edible Dino Eggs 
By My Life, My Son, My Way

What you need:

Food Colouring
Disposable Plastic cup or a Glass Jar

How to make:

Boil the eggs in the usual way and leave to cool.
Crack the eggs slightly but leaving the shell on 
(the more you crack it, the more colour there will be on the egg at the end).
Place in the disposable cup.
Fill the disposable cup/Glass Jar with water to cover the egg and add some food colouring and swish round so the water is fully coloured 
(the darker the colour the more effective so don't be shy with it).
Leave over night for full effect 
(or do them early in the morning, they should be ready for tea time).

Ta Daaaaaa....

TIP: These make great Party treats and Picnic alternatives for picky kiddy's
OHHHHH and they also make great Green Eggs and Ham tea time treats for all you Dr Seuss fans out there.