Wednesday, 25 September 2013

We're Going To FLORIDA!!!

Well not just yet...

BUT we are GOING TO FLORIDA.... and we are there FOR HALLOWEEN!!!!!

OMG I am sooooo excited!

This is the type of Holiday all parents wish they could take their kids on.... but most struggle to save enough to get there
(Thanks Deal or No Deal).

I cried about not being able to take Kyd anywhere like this on holiday all those years ago because I thought I'd never be able to afford it.... but now I'm proving me, myself and I wrong
(again Thanks Deal or No Deal).

A holiday where you know you'll be in their good books for ages after... well until the next time you say no to something.
One where you know you will all remember forever.

A childhood dream come true.

A family holiday that we will treasure forever.

One in which we as a family, will only get to go on this once... well, we think.

You see our Kyd hasn't been too well. It is something that has been brewing since he was a baby but seems to have come to a head... 

Annnnnnd now we are head to head with a surgeon as to where to go next.

We meet with Kyd's surgeon at the start of October and then we will know more.

If he has the operation which has been proposed then this will be our last BIG holiday for a very, very, long time and so this means this holiday is a HUGE deal.
We have a little schedule we are going to try and stick to, thanks to the Visit Orlando Holiday Planning kit, starting with and ending with SeaWorld.

Kyd loves animals, actually I should say, animals love Kyd. 

Especially Penguins and Giraffes for some reason!
SeaWorld in Orlando is one of those places you always hear so much about and for kids who love Rides, Sea Lions and of course Penguins it is the place to be.

Kyd will be taking the Penguin Up-Close Tour which allows him to learn more about penguins and he even gets to touch and play with one before he enters into the Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin, which allows you to take a ride through Antarctica learning and playing along the way. Each car is a mobile simulator, with movements that allow all guests to become one with the story line as they follow a young penguin’s adventures. For the first time in any theme park, this motion-based simulator ride will be completely trackless and guests will choose one of two levels of adventure with various levels of intensity.
Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay doesn't just have rides either... it also have Giraffes... No Kidding this trip will have everything Kyd can dream of! 
The Serengeti Plain in Busch Gardens has all sorts going on... including Giraffes... Hurrah for Giraffes

 He is going to love it so much.
We are all going to love it so so so much.

I'll let you know what else we have planned soon.


  1. chantelle hazelden25 September 2013 at 18:16

    oooo I want to go!!! hope you have a fab time!! xx

  2. Awwww this sounds awesome!

  3. I could not be more pleased for you! You all deserve this xxx

  4. Ohh wow!! It sounds amazing! Have a fantastic time x

  5. Aww this post brought tears to my eyes - I'm so glad you won the money and are getting to take Kyd on this holiday of a lifetime. Enjoy xx

  6. Have a fab time hunni xxxx

  7. You will have a fantastic time!

    If you can, try and time your visit to SeaWorld to coincide with one of their Halloween parties - they are so much fun (not scary at all) and they give the kids loads of sweets!

    If you're visiting Disney, Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party is great fun too and they give you loads of 'candy' too! Lots of people go in costume to this one and you can pick up quite cheap costumes in WalMart or Target.

    Wishing you all a wonderful holiday xxxx


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