Wednesday, 7 August 2013

MPSC - A day at THORPE PARK - Tick!!

Yesterday we took our first trip since starting The Merlin Pass Summer Challenge and today I'm struggling to walk.... damn my DVT damaged leg.... anyway despite the fact I now have a swollen leg, that didn't stop us soaking up the Thrills at THORPE PARK.

After following my own advice and prepping for the trip, we all had fun, 3 adults, 2 kids and a baby. Kyd had his mate Flash, aged 12, with him who hadn't done any of the big rides there before... Much to Kyd's amusement and pure glee as Flash screamed his way round Saw and Swarm... the boy is an evil speed demon. Luckily the boy Flash is made of stern stuff and managed to survive the day in tact, even after stating just as he got on Saw that we were all going to die, he seemed quite pleased that we didn't just so that we could go on other rides. Flash amused us all with his little insights into his world lots that day, which made the day that little bit more funny. 

My favourite Flash Quote of the day was:
'Mum, Mum, I need to take my watch off it might electrocute me if it gets wet on the Tidal Wave...' 

He looked so serious when he said it too hahaha.

Anyway here is the photo's from the day


I started this challenge so that we made the most of our Merlin Annual Pass 2013 which we purchased in May. Yesterday just showed me the reason why we bought it all over again... The huge smiles you get for a full day of fun. Which is why Flash and his Mum took advantage of the Ticket Offer THORPE PARK had on which meant she could upgrade to an ANNUAL TICKET with the ticket she had bought for the day for only £18. What a billy bargain that was as they are usually £70+ when bought new.

We are planning on going back for Sun SCREAM
which returns to THORPE PARK between 23/08/13 - 01/09/13, thrill seekers of all ages can enjoy 10 days – including TWO weekends – of FREE family fun extras, including daytime silent discos, adrenaline-fuelled stunts, plus freestyle hip-hop and beatbox performances and workshops. We might even crash in The Crash Pad where families can now stay. Kyd was bugging me yesterday to stay at The Crash Pad, and` why not when you get TWO days of Park tickets included in the price of an overnight stay, prices start from £44.50pp and actually when you think about it that isn't too bad. 

Right well... where to next on the MPSC 2013...
Stay Tuned Folks

 **I wasn't paid for this post or for The Merlin Pass Summer Challenge we are doing this year and we paid full price for our Merlin Pass in May 2013. I am doing this challenge off our own back because we are a Thrill Seeking Family who love a bit of fun.... so nerrrrrr.... *smirks with a wink* **

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  1. Oh Alice, I love that you are always there screaming in the photos! And Kyd is just so damn cheeky - I love him!


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