Tuesday, 6 August 2013

MPSC - THORPE PARK - The Preparation & Ticket Deals

The Merlin Pass Summer Challenge 2013
Annnnnnd so it begins... 
Tomorrow we head to THORPE PARK... Again.
We absolutely LOVED IT last time and so this time we have a few extras coming with us. Kyd's friend Flash has decided to take up the challenge of The BIG Rides with his mum too and so we should have loads of funny photos to follow in tomorrows 'What we thought' post.

So here is my...

How to prepare for a day at THORPE PARK 
*order may vary*...

Search the internet for Ticket Deals... 
(see below for deals on now) 
That's if you don't have a Merlin Pass like us, then it's DON'T FORGET YOUR MERLIN PASS POUCH.
Find your Refillable Drink Bottle... 
That is if you've bought one already, if not you should buy one there. They are a one off purchase that Merlin Pass holders can then take to other Merlin Parks and get free refills Over and Over again... It pays for itself in the first day and is a must have.
Pack a change of clothes...  
For all the family. You WILL end up on the Tidal Wave no matter how much you protest, the kids love to see you drenched.
Pack a few snacks/full lunch... 
I always pack snacks in a bag for everyone, it is hungry work going around that park and snacks can get quite expensive whilst there. I often pack sandwiches for lunch too, but take the weather in to account, if it's hot some things will spoil. You will no doubt get bugged for food there anyway, so add extra funds into your budget just in case. 
Find your Family & Friends Rail Card/Look up parking... 
If you have a F&F rail card this can cut down the cost of your train journey by a huge amount. If you don't and you are planning on going places this summer, I suggest you buy one. You can add an extra adult on too so think about sharing the cost with a friend and then you both get to use it... *I'm a genius*. Parking can be a nightmare anywhere so check online where you need to go etc and it saves the stress on the day.
Look Up Train Times...  
Obvious really, but if you want to get there for opening doors then you'll need to catch the right train to Staines. There is a bus that goes between the train station and the park that goes every 15mins in peak season... EASY. *REMEMBER* Peak times apply on week days so trains after 9.30am are cheaper.
Sort out what you need the night before... 
Sounds uber organised but when you have Hyper children to deal with in the morning, having everything set out and ready means you just have to get dressed and go, no arguing over what to wear and missing your train.
*For disabled Thrill Seekers*
Don't forget that you get disabled access, a carer in for free and queue jump passes. To collect the carer pass ask any member of the staff at the admissions desk or go to the Annual Pass hut. For Queue jump you should go to Customer Services (under the dome) and present them with a letter from your GP stating why you need queue jump *note it needs to be a different letter than the DLA one you need for carer access*... I know that getting a GP letter is a ball ache, I've been in touch with TP and stated as much, a DLA letter should be enough to cover it, GP's have enough to be getting on with without stating the obvious on a letter for us, but hey ho until it changes there you go.

Right there you go that is my plan of action for before I go to bed tonight, get everything ready for tomorrow so we can get up and go. I really hope we have another day like the last one... that was amazing.

 I'll be back tomorrow with a full run down of events... Wish me luck... I may be sick...

Right as promised I've done some leg work for you and found some lovely deals on tickets for those without a Merlin Pass, because lets face it, you want family and friends to join you sometimes.



Thrill-seekers can’t afford to miss this amazing new offer from THORPE PARK. A summer of riding the rollercoasters for the price of one day’s ticket! 
The superb deal is also a gift for families who want to entertain the kids during the school holidays.
Anyone buying a full-price £43.20 adult ticket for one day’s entry gets a pass giving unlimited access to the Park for the rest of the 2013 season – until November 4. And not only that, if you pay just £10 more, you can have a pass for a WHOLE YEAR – worth £85!
The free entry offers apply to any adult or child who buys an adult ticket at the Park entrance.
Anyone buying an adult ticket online at THORPEPARK.com for £24.99 can pay an extra £18.21 at the Park – a total of £43.20 – and get unlimited entry until November 4, or an extra £28.21 – that’s £53.20 – for a 12-month pass. Child tickets can be upgraded too.
People who have bought a 2 for 1 ticket for £21.60 can also get a similar deal at the Park by paying £21.60 or £31.60, respectively. 

There can’t be a better theme park offer this summer. And don’t forget, THORPE PARK now has new on site accommodation The Crash Pad so you don’t even need to go home to sleep!
Oh there are so many more...
  You'll find all the other deals available on the THORPE PARK page on MoneySavingExpert
**Happy Thrill Seeking**
 **I wasn't paid for this post or for The Merlin Pass Summer Challenge we are doing this year and we paid full price for our Merlin Pass in May 2013. I am doing this challenge off our own back because we are a Thrill Seeking Family who love a bit of fun.... so nerrrrrr.... *smirks with a wink* **


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