Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Dear So and So - Rude People's Opinions on Buses

Dear The rather rude Old Lady on the no.24 bus,

I fully saw that you and 2 other people were sat at the bus stop before I pulled up with my Joolz buggy and a rather happy Kyd eating his McDonalds.

I am fully aware that in this country Queuing is indeed a highly thought about tradition of which we all like to do at any given opportunity. Yet, and I apologise as I bow my British born and bred head, sometimes when you are at a bus stop with a buggy there is only a small amount of room to stand and manoeuvre whilst the bus stop gets ever busier. So when the bus pulls up and the doors open right in front of you, with eagerly awaiting bus passengers at either side and behind, you have nowhere to go but straight on the bus. 

Sorry about that.

On top of that, as I went to wave you on, in front of my buggy, in the 2cm gap that I had to wiggle a path to create, the bus driver said 'Let the Buggy on first so she has room to get on', meaning when I went to got on I was only following orders from the man in charge.... not my fault.

SO, when you placed your open toed Jesus sandaled foot underneath my large back wheel to prevent me from getting on in front of you, the queen of queuing, it was indeed rolled over, weight of baby and bags and all. 

I did instantly apologise, even though I noticed you purposely place your toes there, as I'm actually quite polite you know. Only for you to scowl at me as you watch my disabled son and myself, buggy and all, board the bus. Not only did we receive a scowl for doing as we were told but then you have the nerve to say to the driver...

'Have you both never heard of queuing, it is disgusting that you let her on with that first'... 

Now, I am assuming by 'That' you meant the pushchair, as if for the life of me I thought you meant Kyd, I'd have gone all Mother Bear on your ass and have beaten you down (verbally of course) for discrimination. 

The bus driver responded to you by saying that it made sense to let the buggy get on first as then it wasn't blocking other people's way, yet still you scowl and mutter some vile spiel under your breath about queuing and us being disgusting as you walk to your seat. 

I held my breath for a few seconds but as I released it these words flew out of my mouth...

'sorry were you talking to me then? because I think you'll find that I was doing what I was told to and if you look around it isn't as if you were not going to get a seat the bus was empty when it arrived!' 

No response, just a head bowed down, with a nasty glance my way.

Hurrrrrah I win... 

or so I thought....

*Minutes later*

Whilst I sat, minding my own business playing with my rather smiley baby and talking to my son about where we were going, I saw you glance my way. You caught my eye and I stopped playing with my kids for a brief second. 

Then I heard you say this to the bemused lady sat next to you... Which I don't even think you even knew...

'Young parents are so horrid, they spend their time shopping and not parenting their children. They only have them to get a house and they don't even stay with the father. They don't bother working to support them. I think if they knew what real life was about then they'd not have children until they were old enough to know better and actually take care of them. The types that do have them young just have no manners and obviously don't care.'

Right, so as I sat opened mouthed, aged 27, with my nearly 11 year old and 1 year old sat close by, I knew you were aiming that vile bit of spiel at me. The lady sat next to you looked straight at me with a look of horror in her eyes as I stared straight at you whilst you finished your vicious attack on a subject you obviously have no understanding of.

I tried to stay stum and again I held my breath... 

But again, the words just sort of fell out of my mouth as I exhaled and the rage was only held back by the fact I was sat with my children. Although I actually said it rather calmly albeit in a sarcastic manner.

'Excuse me, I couldn't help over hearing that, were you talking about me? Because I think you'll find that I am in fact married *points at wedding ring*, I OWN my own house and I have no problem taking care of my children, as you can see. Oh and I work from home, so that I can spend as much time as possible with them and don't dump them in a nursery so I can have the best of both worlds. Oh and that is on top of the hospital appointments, illness', operations and general problems of my disabled child *looks at Kyd* that I also have to work my ever so selfish shopping life around. I think you'll find that it is in fact judgemental people like you and your vile opinions and ways that need to change, not 'young' mothers like me.'

If you remember, this was followed by pure silence, a smile from the lady next to you, aimed at me not you, and a knowing nod from another younger looking mum with her 2 children at the back of the bus.

You actually went quite pale. Like a ghost. Like you actually knew that you were in the wrong. Disturbed that someone had called you out on your vicious tongue.

Yet I received no apology or even an apologetic glance, you just looked at the floor like a child who'd been caught with a hand in the cookie jar. 

If I had responded verbally the same way my brain was telling me to, you could have accused me of being aggressive or even confrontational. But instead I smiled as I slapped you verbally with the truth and I calmly told you where to stick it without even a hint of the swearing or chavvy behaviour you were so obviously expecting.

If this hasn't taught you a lesson then I pity you. Even at your time of life you can change your ways, especially when you get so publicly humiliated by the very person you were trying to place on the floor and walk over with your poorly chosen footwear.

Shame on you and your bitter tongue. 

Next time try thinking it, not saying it out loud for you to be publicly and quite amusingly bitch slapped by what you class as the 'lower class'.

Best Wishes

The not so young girl with the 2 children sat minding her own business on the no.24 bus.

P.S. I am so sorry I ran over your foot again on the way off the bus, but there is not much room to move the pushchair around when the bus is full, other people's feet just seem to jump in the way.... funny that!


  1. Haha!!! Brilliant post my dear. What is it about bids on buses that make them think they can say exactly as they please?

    Well done you x

  2. Jenny @justphotosby.me13 August 2013 at 20:50

    Rock on Mrs H! I want to be on the bus with you next time

  3. I'm absolutely disgusted that you were treated like this but so flippin' proud of you for responding in the way you did. Horrible bullies like that think they can get away with spewing their bile and hopefully you putting her in her place will make her think twice before she decides to pick on someone next time. Bravo, lady. Bravo.

  4. cakesphotoslife (Angie)13 August 2013 at 21:05

    Oh my word what an ignorant lady, I remember moving into my house and a lady said something about the new 'residents' single mums, no jobs all have cars, blah blah...my friend who lived opposite her, kept quiet, I politely replied, yes I'm a single mum (I was at the time), I have a car, I have a car because if I didn't I wouldn't have a job and if I had no job I would have to depend on the social to pay my bills....now what am I doing wrong? She walked out and in 12 yrs has never looked at me again, my friend was laughing so much as no one had ever pulled her up before....well done xxx

  5. I bloody love you!

  6. good on you for saying something, there are too many people who feel they can get away with these kind of comments! i have had the same too, seems to be a high percentage of very miserable moaning people on some of the buses around me too.

  7. Bex @ The Mummy Adventure13 August 2013 at 22:39

    Woop Woop, I would have started clapping if I had been on the bus with you x

  8. Like Bex I would have definitely applauded you had I been on that bus. You did everyone a big service by dealing with a vicious tongued lady like that. I HOPE she remembers it for a long time. Good on you for doing it in a civil way without giving her something else to moan about. Lovely that the lady next to her was on your side xxx

  9. AnnieMammasaurus21 August 2013 at 10:13

    Good for you for putting her right. Most of us jump to conclusions and form opinions at some point but for goodness sake that's best kept in our heads - how rude of her - and again, fair play to you Alice x

  10. Hehe, how funny! Good on you!

  11. I'm just sorry you had to experience someone so horrid and glad you dealt with it well. x

  12. Nice one Alice. I would have done exactly the same and run over her feet as well. You should have parked your buggy on her feet!


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