Monday, 10 June 2013

Why Our Dad is Great - By Kyd and Rocky

This is Our Daddy!

Our Daddy is called Hoff.
Our Daddy goes to work in a tie.
Our Daddy thinks he's funny.
Our Daddy is quite funny... sometimes.
Our Daddy has no hair.
Our Daddy likes football.
Our Daddy takes us to football.
Our Daddy likes his bike.
Our Daddy is going to teach us how to ride our bikes when I'm better.
Our Daddy likes gadgets.
Our Daddy likes Music.
Our Daddy sings badly.
Our Daddy dances like a silly man.
Our Daddy drinks beer.
Our Daddy drinks Diet Coke.
Our Daddy plays computer games with us.
Our Daddy plays Peek-a-Boo with us.
Our Daddy doesn't like big rides.
I like Big Rides.
Our Daddy is marrying our Mum next Month.
Our Daddy says he's mad.
Our Daddy also says we are all mad in this house.
Mum thinks Our Daddy is the worst out of us all.
Our Daddy smells funny.
Our Daddy blames that smell on us... a lot!
Our Daddy gives good cuddles
Our Daddy loves us... even the cats.
But most importantly...

Today I got an email from John Lewis telling us about a blogging competition they are holding for Fathers Day.

To enter I had to write a post about why My Dad is Great, now I would happily do one about my Dad but I have promised him I wouldn't mention him on my blog... at all... this is why he is nicknamed Grumps.

So I thought I'd get Kyd to enter this comp on behalf of Rocky and himself and to tell you all why The Hoff is so great and why he deserves the Osiris Chrono watch they are offering as a prize.

This post is a huge step for Kyd. Hoff isn't Kyd's biological father, as most of you will know, but he has been more of a Dad to him over the years than his biological father. He doesn't often call Hoff Daddy but recently he has been slipping up and doing so because of Rocky, which for us is a huge change but a great one.
Anyway... It is lovely for us this year. This is Hoff's first proper Fathers Day and Rocky and Kyd would like to really spoil him. We've had a hard year, we've had illnesses, hospital stays and constant issues but he deserves to know how much we love him and appreciate him and we might actually laugh at his jokes one day. *winks very theatrically*

Here is to many Happy Fathers Days ahead!
Love You 


  1. lovely Alice, really lovely... Hoff is a lucky Daddy x

  2. Ah Thanks Ali, there were lots of things he wrote in there that I had to edit out lol.

  3. Sharon Tipping10 June 2013 at 13:11

    Bought a tear to my eye. They don't need to be their biological father to love them as if they were xxx


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