Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Time to book a Holiday... where to start?


Not THE holiday season... that would be Christmas!

I mean like THE HOT HOLIDAY kind... or cold depending on where you go and what you like.

I know most organised people have booked their holidays ages ago and have no doubt done their research into where they can change their currency over for the cheapest rate and so on...

But for people like me, and others I know, they may have left it until the sun came out here in blighty before the pull of a hot peaceful/non peaceful holiday tempted them online to look at the deals.

There are so many places to look though, so where do you start?

Do you traipse around the Travel Agents like in the 1990's or do you look online?

I do both... but I always start online!

If you type Holiday deal companies into the search engine, get ready to be bombarded with crap companies shouting about 'WE are the lowest the others are lying' scary amounts of 'come to us and we'll throw in this' type things too. So which do you trust?

I always read the reviews on the company first. That way I can tell if they are Amazing, Good, So So or *alarm bells *Steer clear *alarm bells*... Bit of a tip... always read the reviews further down than the fifth... companies tend to bump the 'we loved it' ones up to the top.

We have recently had dealings with IceLolly.com ourselves and several friends have too... (the reason behind so many of my friends having had them I can't disclose just yet, it will be revealed soon enough though be patient *wink*) and I have to say they have been brilliant and some of my friends are actually in Antigua on a holiday booked with IceLolly as I type this post and I've seen pictures... it is HOT... and beautiful and everything that she was told it would be by IceLolly. This makes me very happy as ours is booked with them for this time next year, we wanted it sooner but we have a mild case of 'our diary is too full this year' itus.

I am often worried about these websites offering the lowest possible rate... often for the lowest possible quality areas and hotels, sporting pictures taken over 10 years ago when it was first built, but actually is now falling down.

The way I see it is, you can be sensible and do your research and read the reviews or you can be a div and book it and risk it... but if you have children this is riskier than introducing Katie Price to your husband!

I'll leave you with that thought...

This post was brought to you by IceLolly.com but written in my own words and about my own story and is all true - Click here for more information on my disclosure policy

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