Thursday, 9 May 2013

Thinking Slimmer - 20lbs down and counting!

Hellllllo folks. 

I have been rattling on about the kids on my last 100 million posts and I thought it was about time I updated you on me! 

I've written this post several times now over the past few weeks and I have actually chickened out of posting it because I've still not thought that I was back to the old me and I wanted to show you just how far I have come on in myself and be happy doing it.

I struggled during my pregnancy as my old Body Dysmorphia demons started to creep back in like a baddy in Harry Potter. After Rocky was born it was no better and although I lost a lot of weight whilst ill in hospital (good old NHS food diet) the fact I couldn't exercise was really going against me.

Just before Christmas, 5 months after Rocky was born, I decided that I needed to kick start my bid for freedom and my race to look amazing in my dream wedding dress... I decided it was a better idea if I did it after Christmas though... you know what it's like with Christmas and food.

I still have a few issues with my legs and circulation and so I am struggling to do enough exercise to shift that baby weight and get back to the old me. My body hates me... I need it to love me!... I need to regroup my body and mind to work for me!... that is a must!

1st JANUARY 2013 
I started listening to a Slimpod from Thinking Slimmer. I listened to it every night on my iPod.

I've not set myself an exact amount to lose. I have set myself a target weight I'd like to be under by the wedding. I think for me this is a better way so I don't get too obsessed.

I picked the Slimpod specially made for Brides... for obvious reasons... this is what I got,

Be a Belle of a Bride
Every bride wants to look her best on her special day and this Slimpod has been created by our Harley St specialists to help achieve your dreams. It's probably the easiest and most cost-effective weight loss method ever. As our wedding gift to you we'll give you two free Slimpods worth almost £60 - that's nearly £100 worth of value for just £29.99
THE run-up to your wedding day is one big, stressful rush and the last thing any bride wants is to have to worry about whether her dress will be a perfect fit when the big day finally arrives. So our Harley Street experts have created this Slimpod, Be A Belle of A Bride, to help you make the most important day of your life the best it possibly can be.
And as a special wedding gift from us to you, we're giving you two free bonus Slimpods worth almost £60. Yes, as a bride-to-be you're entitled to receive three Slimpods for the price of just one!
In addition to Be A Belle of a Bride, you'll also receive Wow Them At The Wedding, a Slimpod specially created for anyone who's going to a wedding - the mothers, the aunts and the bridesmaids for example. This Slimpod, which normally costs £29.99, sets special wedding-based goals to help retune your mind to eat less and do more in the weeks leading up to the happy event. It's yours absolutely free of charge with our compliments.
I have heard of Slimpods before, in fact, I bought one for Hoff (they do ones specifically for Men and Women) and he used it for a while but I think that doing it on his own didn't give him that boost and although it was working and he was feeling and looking slimmer he stopped. He has started using his again too as it meant we both had each other to kick up the bum and use as motivation.
04 May 2013 - 20lb lost!!!
I am only 2lb off my target figure to be under and feeling much better about myself mentally and physically. I find it so easy to just pop my iPod in on a night and lay there listening, I actually find it so relaxing. I have always found it hard to sleep as my brain never closes down when I want it to, but for some reason this has been easier since I started listening to my Be a Belle of a Bride slimpod. I am more relaxed and organised too and with 12 weeks to go I expected to be frantic.
Hoff has lost 14lb and counting too and he is  feeling a lot more motivated and healthy. He's started cycling to work again too and the motivation to get up early and do it is often hard but at the moment, whilst he's been using his Slimpod, he has been up and jumping around like a mad man... much to my annoyance! I think the fact we have a bit of Sunshine is helping too as the weather is a huge part of the mood in our house. He has a little way to go but we are both determined to get there!
Do I think it is working?... 
Really? I've lost 20lb and I've not stopped eating or gone on stupid diets I have literally just put an iPod in my ear and my body has done the rest. So YES I do think it is working!!!
I don't feel as hungry and I don't feel the need to snack like I did before either. I still have an issue with drinking too much Dr Pepper but if I'm honest I don't drink that much that it's an issue, just need to take baby steps in order for me to not want it... I might swap it for water eventually!... you never know?! hahahaha
What is really nice is that other people keep commenting on how healthy I'm looking and Hoff keeps complimenting me... which is worrying! lol I have even been bothering to put make up on and for months that has been a sore subject.
This is me this weekend on my Hag doo (like a Hen doo but with boys invited... because I have more boy friends than girls!) and it is just 12 weeks until the big day!
Please excuse the silly amounts of drinks that is a normality on a night out with me. I also drink the most fattening sugar orientated drinks those blue things are like eating a doughnut per bottle and I get through a lot of them on a night out meaning I am a huge fatty by the next day! I wonder if they do a Slimpod for stopping binge drinking Alcopops lol

This is the first night I've felt like the old me for at least 18 months... bring on the wedding.

Thank You Thinking Slimmer xx

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Bifocals and Kyd - The Big Fight!

AGED 10?!?! 
Are you serious?

I thought Bifocals were for old people. I hadn't really thought about it though to be honest but I'd never seen them on a child.
Poor Kyd is on his second pair of glasses in as many months and that is because his eyes are constantly changing and currently not focusing on anything because his muscles are too lazy, according to the Orthoptics department.

It is a common complaint in children with Down Syndrome apparently although it is a nightmare to get them to use them as they tend to sneakily look over the top of the little square instead of using it during reading etc.

It is, however, also quite bloody difficult to get a pair of glasses to fit both a Bifocal lens and Kyd's high standards of fashion it would seem.
He does often look like Alan Carr when he puts them on... But he quite likes that!

I have created a monster.

I am very fussy about what Kyd wears, in general, always have been. I believe that children with Special Needs need all the help they can to fit into this picky, self obsessed world and now a days, how you look is very important... I don't know why I say now a days it always has been really!

I grew up with SEN kids and they all wore badly fitting clothes, thick glasses and bad shoes. We as kids just accepted it because 'they weren't like us'... Well they are!! They are exactly like us and if we thought that as kids... others will too. I have had this issue since he was born and it may just be me but I can't deal with it... and neither can Kyd now it seems.

Kyd has great taste. He has a particular style. He loves a good Rock look but if he can mix a bit of Batman or Star Wars into it he will. 

It doesn't stop there, he has very expensive taste in glasses.

He looks at the pairs on the shelf and says 'yes, no, yes, no, no, no, yes, no, no no, no' but this isn't in the kids bit no... this is in the Teen section! The designer Teen section... 

He so far has had more designer glasses than Gok Wan but the only issue with that is they aren't big enough for a bifocal.

This has caused so many issues for us whilst looking, it is beyond me how we got through it. We went to EVERY single opticians in Reading.

We went to the one recommended by the Doctor first... 
Kyd also hated them. He was so angry with the lady. He wanted ones like his Bench ones he has already or Geek style glasses. He'd already seen some of those ones on the computer during our 'research' which we do to prepare him for the shopping, instead she kept putting these hideous things on his face and saying 'ohhh aren't you handsome'. He kept looking at her like 'you patronising bitch' and I swear if he could speak clearly that is what he would have said. I ended up saying 'look he has Down Syndrome but he is 10 and a half and knows what he wants, you are giving him the opposite and not listening which is why he isn't cooperating'. She looked FUMING with me. According to the hospital this is where they send all the SEN kids because she is amazing... Kyd is not your average SEN kid and she was treating him like an idiot. 
It was offensive.
I feel for the other kids they send there. 

It is obvious to say we left.

We eventually, after about 6 different opticians, found one that did glasses he liked... but they didn't fit!! *sighs* we compromised. We picked some that would fit both the lens and his face but weren't quite what he was expecting... but they had a Nike tick and so he was sold!

He is a funny old soul and he may cost me a fortune as time goes by but at least he knows what looks good and what suits him... More than I can say for Hoff!

He's had them at school with him for a few days and his TA says he's actually using the bifocal part quite well.... Well that is a huge relief as we were expecting a fight and for him to look over the top.

All in All I think we won this fight... with only a few casualties, those being patronising old lady opticians and my wallet.

*prays to God that next time is quite a while away so I don't have to do it all over again!*