Monday, 8 April 2013

A last minute cold family trip to the Yorkshire Coast!

I love the Yorkshire coast.

I am slightly bias as this is where I grew up and where my mum and some of my family and friends still live.

But it is so beautiful... but so far away from Reading!

The Sad Part...

Sadly the reason behind our trip over Easter wasn't for just a holiday, but to say goodbye to a dear friend of the family/honorary family member, one who will be sadly missed and never forgotten. I know how much he loved this part of the coast too and so the fact we made the most of the sun was ever more important... 

The Cold Part...

When I say sun... I mean that fake sun which is in fact joined by freezing temperatures, the sun which fooled the people of the world, the ones on the inside of their lovely warm houses, to think Spring had finally sprung, but in fact, Winter had just put it's comedic Spring mask on and then every now and again took it off just to snow and show us who's boss and just to laugh at the people on the beach in their big winter jackets in April!!... those people being US!... 

It was the coldest Sunny Easter I can remember! It didn't help that we had the North Sea's icy wind coming straight at us though.

Other than the fact it was freezing, this was an amazing trip. Stressful, Sad (as above) and Lovely all in one.

The Stressful Part...

We drove up and Hoff stayed for a night and then drove a car full of crockery home... wedding related crockery... I'll explain on the wedding blog later. We then got the train home a few days later... just Me, Kyd and Rocky... with a huge suitcase, a nappy bag, a Kyd bag and a pushchair (which we ended up leaving)... 1 train change and lots of stairs!... who's stupid idea was that?

For the first time ever going home, we stayed in our own Holiday apartment... it was all very last minute and as it was Easter not many were available. 

We ended up on the top floor of a very... ummmm... ODD... building. We were right next to the sea front and it was very cheap... but it was also 84 steps up to our freezing cold room/apartment and with a baby and a child with special needs, plus my gammy leg, this was HARD WORK! I had no way of getting the
pushchair up and down and no way of leaving things at the bottom to get them up after putting the kids upstairs, because I couldn't leave them alone in the room as it was too dangerous with the stand alone heaters and it was too cold up there not to have them on! *head in hands*. I managed it as luckily we didn't have to have much time in there. I worked out it was safer to bash the pushchair down & leave Kyd and Rocky downstairs whilst I ran up to get the bags etc... before I had a genius idea a few days in!

I made a trip to Argos...

I got a baby carrier!

It meant I could keep hold of him on my chest, even though he's stupidly heavy, and still have my hands free for bags and Kyd!

Much Easier!

Plus I don't know if you know this but... 
*rant alert* Quinny Zapp Xtra pushchairs DON'T WORK ON SAND!! So if I'm honest we hardly used the bloody thing after I purchased the baby carrier! It was more work than ease, for a pushchair which was supposed to be really good for travelling, you couldn't travel with it!... I even ended up leaving it with a friend there until I can get it back to me, as I physically couldn't use it on the train whilst travelling alone with 2 kids and a suitcase. The small folding frame would be amazing... if the seat folded too... NOPE! The seat stays as it is and you have to carry that as well as the frame and the baby... not very practical.... not a fan! *End of rant*

The Lovely Time Part...

Other than all that It was a lovely time to catch up with a couple of friends. I didn't get to see everyone as I wasn't there long and it was so cold, but Kyd spent time with his friends and we had loads of fun. We even became Pirates for a while, ate seafood, had numerous amounts of Fish 'n' Chips and spent ages in the arcades.

We love The Yorkshire Coast... but I suggest you go when it's warmer... research your accommodation and take a baby carrier for trips to the beach!


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  2. Great photos, looks like you had fun and made some memories. You are right about the Easter sunshine though and the wind was freezing - i wonder when the real sun is going to visit us?


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