Sunday, 17 March 2013

Rocky learns to crawl!

Rocky learnt to crawl today..... He learnt to bloody crawl! *sighs*

I am so pleased I was there to see it, as I'm going away for a little while and didn't want to miss him get to that milestone but he is growing up so fast.... he needs to slow down a bit so I can take it all in!

It is so important to make note of all these little things, as your memory can disappear at any time... as I well know. Today I tried really hard to remember when Kyd started crawling and I have NO idea. It has really brought to light how much I missed out on due to PND, I know I would have been so very important at the time but my brain thought it wasn't important enough to keep hold of.

So he's crawling now... how long before he walks??

Place your bets now!

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