Monday, 21 January 2013

The Art of Projectile Pooping

Rocky has many talents from shrieking at out of this world heights of noise to making people smile at first glance.


We have a new one...

A new talent that only a parent could be proud of...

Well, a parent, an Aunt, a Cousin, an Odd Friend or just a reader with a sense of humour....

'So what is this new talent?' I hear you cry...


Yep the boy can poop it and shoot it over a metre at any given time during changing.

But he doesn't prepare you for it!

Oh No!!

That is part of the art of Projectile Pooping!

...Part of the Game!

He likes to do it when you're not ready, when you think you're safe!

When you least expect it and usually when you've just cleaned his bum.

Because he's lovely like that!

Kyd used to projectile pee so maybe projectile toileting is genetic?!

So fellow friends and family of whom may one day look after Rocky...

Be warned!

Be prepared!

Be on your guard!

His bum is as scary as any fully grown man after a Curry Night and a few Old Speckled Hen's!


When we get home and you tell us he pooped all over you or all over the floor...

We will laugh because

Right here,

Right now,

Was your warning!

So you should've prepared yourself better!

(So Ha!... go get the hand wash and some Dettol!)

If by any chance the next victim of Rocky's Projectile Poop is a non reader of my blog....

Well it's their own bloody fault, they should read my bloody blog!

They deserve everything they get!

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