Friday, 18 January 2013

Snow Go for Kyd!

Snow again! 

Bloody Snow!

That white stuff children up and down the country are enjoying as we speak...

But not one little boy...

Not our Kyd!

He will only throw 1 snowball in this snow... on the walk home from school behind my back.

He will only watch others playing and building snowmen rather than getting stuck in himself.

He will sigh and look sad, as he stares out of the window at them laughing and joking.

He will cry, stomp and scream as I stop him from escaping outside.

And he will hate me for it...


He will hate me that bit more if he can hardly breathe and is on a months worth of Antibiotics.

So for now I am the devil.

And he is hard done by...

Until he gets stuck building his lego and needs me to help!

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  1. Well,I wrapped him up warm this morning, and put wellies on to go the very short distance to school. - He got a few funny looks from some of the other mums but he was the winner later with deep snow to walk home in! Nannies rule OK! He does look a little sad not to be able to go and make a snowman, but 4 weeks off school like last winter has to be avoided. xxx


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