Monday, 26 November 2012

My Mummy Mugshot! - Not so long ago...

This picture was taken 20 weeks ago and yet it feels to me like I'm looking at a photo of someone else.

I look at this picture and all I see is a very happy me, just hours after giving birth, smelling my babies head and thanking God that labour was over and I finally had my baby in my arms.

Others just see huge eyelashes!

Yep I did have a full set of false lashes on the whole way through my labour and for a few weeks after. I also re did my make up during labour.... 

'How Vain'
I hear you say... 
But to me it was important to have photo's of me and my newborn that made me look less like I was dead and more like I was happy and content, as with my first I can't even look at the photos because I look awful... just to add, I allowed tired, just not the living dead.

The funny thing is after those lashes left me, so did my health.
I've hardly worn make up or my beloved lashes since.

Blood clots and suspected serious health issues have seen me housebound, hospital bound and mostly sofa bound and has lead to me not recognising myself in the mirror.

One day I will get back to this happy me.
One day, I will look in the mirror and say 'Welcome back'
Until that day...
I will just look at this picture and pretend it's a mirror.



  1. This photo is so, so lovely and makes me feel more than a little broody. Your eyelashes ARE amazing and I really hope it's not long before you are feeling well enough to don a pair again. Thank you for linking up to Mummy Mugshot with such a gorgeous pic x

  2. My heart breaks to hear about your ill health but just so you don't feel so down, at the Warner Bros event you looked pretty, and then at the Mumsnet Blogfest event you looked stunning and radiant, so I think that mirror is more accurate than you are inclined to think and perhaps you don't need those trusty eye lashes after all


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