Wednesday, 28 November 2012

20 weeks old... Is it time for weaning?

Recently I have been umming and ahhhing about whether Milk is just not enough for Rocky now even though he's not quite 6 months (which is the the recommended time to start weaning)... As in 20 weeks... 5 months on 10/12/12... so nowhere near 6 months!

I have noticed he is guzzling the milk down faster than ever! He has also started wanting more milk straight after his feed, especially in the morning and at night.

I was encouraged to stick to the 'no food before 6 months' thing by the Health Visitor and I was ready and willing to do so. I have always said that if he's ready, he's ready and that is that, meaning I'd never have to worry about starting him too early as he would be telling me 'now is the time mum, give me that food!'.... but I thought it'd be ages until he reached that stage.

But he's 20 weeks, which is not 6 months and he is telling me now, I know it.... So why am I doubting myself and my judgement?

Well as I was having an 'I have no idea what I'm doing' thing going on and starting to get in a flap about it I asked my Blogging mums to help....

Oh I think I owe them a lot of wine, gin and cake! Especially Fi at Childcare is Fun! who explained the professional side of weaning and advised me about timing and his age and made my melted brain understand it all!

After reading all the advice given to me by my bloggy friends and Fi's expert weaning advice on her website, I have now learnt how to test he is ready... and boy is he ready!

He looked at me like I was mad at first and wasn't overly keen on baby rice or Apple & Banana from Ella's Kitchen which made me think he wasn't ready but when I mixed it together... 


One VERY happy and excited Rocky!

Later that day I tried him with a savoury option... mainly because I wanted to see what he'd do.... Sweet Potato, Carrot and Apple also from Ella's Kitchen, it went down like watching Kyd eat a burger, a smile, a giggle and whoooosh it's gone!!

Funnily enough I am now convinced that this little monster is in fact, ready to be a big boy and eat big boy food.... They grow up so fast!

Now to start blending up the veg!

I have decided to try out a few of Fi's Weaning Purée's though as they've been tried and tested.... Check them out HERE!

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