Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Flu Jab Time.....

Duh duh duuuuuuuuh...

It comes around once a year, 

Not everyone gets it,

Most that do get it, dread it,

Most that don't get it, want it,

and ALL that do actually get it.... benefit from it!

Yep, that's it, you got it...
It's Flu Jab time!!!!

Kyd is a bug magnet! He gets everything within a mile radius, so each year we protect him by taking him along to the Flu Clinic at the Doctors and jabbing him in the arm. I get one too, as I am his carer so if I'm ill we are stuffed.... as we found out recently, with all that has gone on. 

So you'd think that the thought of a needle would mean tears and tantrums BUT NO this is Kyd and as you know he's bonkers.

He went bounding up the road from school, after telling everyone he was going to get an injection with a huge smile on his face.... The teachers looked absolutely confused as he went skipping off holding his arm. I just said 'injections are obviously a treat in his head' and they giggled. He ran into the doctors and babbled away about his arm and the needle. Then when he was called in, he had no time for chit chat, he rolled his sleeve up and said 'come on then' 'Ummmmmmm OK' said the nurse whilst looking at me puzzled. He watched her set the needle up and you could see the excitement in his face. She said 'sharp scratch' and he started laughing... Laughing!! WTF??? He's bonkers! Even grown men flinch at the thought of a needle let alone the actual moment it goes in! WHO LAUGHS AT THAT???? Honestly I have no idea when it comes to his mental state he's Hofficially a mentalist!

The nurse was amazed and said she even makes adults cry when it comes to these jabs and he laughed even more.

The thing is he has watched me have my bloods done constantly for months and he kept asking when his turn was. He had obviously been building up the excitement for this very moment.... absolute weirdo!

I can't complain really I prefer this to the mad tantrums some folk have, I'm just worried now as it's all over for this year and we now have no jabs for him to have, how is he going to cope?

Who needs Maccy D's when you have the flu jab ay??.... *weirdo face*

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  1. My daughter is the same way. She saw a baby get vaccinated during our last visit to her pediatrician and kept asking when she was going to get hers. Even the doctor had a hard time trying to explain that you only get it once every couple of
    years. I just chalk up her weird interest with injections as curiosity and wanting to be a doctor when she grows up. What can I say? I'm a hopeful dad. :)



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