Thursday, 27 September 2012

Dear So & So... The Apology

Dear Readers, Subscribers and Companies awaiting Reviews,

I am very sorry that it has taken so long to write a new post but I have had a blog break due to illness & a hectic newborn now involved in my life.

I have missed writing my blog, my mind is, as ever, full of madness and random stuff in which I'd like to write down, so do expect some random post's being added in due course.

I've missed reading your caring comments and your crazy response's to my posts, which I can now respond to, as before I couldn't due to an error in the system or something.Very upsetting, as sometimes I just wanted to reply with a witty comment and it wouldn't let me, restricting my wit to my own head, making only me laugh... which is sad really when you think about it.

Things are back on track now, maybe just for now but I am hoping it stays like it for a little longer. I can walk better now and without crutches or wheelchair uses.... well that's mainly because I've forgotten them when going places.... and I don't walk like I've shat my pants until after I've walked too much which is not far to be fair.... so technically I do walk like I've shat myself but not initially. I haven't really done much as I've been housebound, so if I was writing it would have been random boring rants about being a hermit or how much I now hate the hospital in question, so I did you a favour and kept quiet..... I'm not saying I won't rant at you about it eventually but for now I need to wait for the response of the official complaint from the hospital and then I'll let rip! I may even publish it depending on the nature of their response.


I just thought I'd drop you a line to say as of next week I'M BACK, on the blog and on Twitter which I've also neglected. I'll be catching up with reviews and post's and also updating my Wedding Blog as I've done loads whilst ill...... see I was doing something whilst being housebound!

Apologies also as I've not kept up on any reading so please let me know if there are any I need to get up to date with. Put links below if you want to I will read them I promise!

Oh actually that is a lie, as I've been keeping up to date with the lovely MultipleDaddy's updates on MultipleMummy's (Kerry's) recovery. Please get better soon Kerry you are a diamond and we need you!!!

Kyd and Rocky are both doing fine and my big baby boy is 10 tomorrow!!! 10!!! and just as Rocky turns 12 weeks....... that's 3 months!! Where is time going? I think it has gone to the place where the missing socks go, nobody will ever know where that is but we suspect they are stolen by monsters...... sock monsters..... same as time monsters, only made of socks not clocks......

Right well, on that note, that's me and my very quick apology and update etc, so see you all next week!

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