Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Rocky: Day 7 - A week ago today!

Can You believe it has been a WHOLE week since you were all sat on Twitter and Facebook asking what the hell was going on?! Why was it taking so long?? and for some it was probably Who the hell is this woman Blogging and Tweeting during her labour across the internet???

Well it was me and it was in fact a whole week ago!!!

A WHOLE week!.... to me it feels like so much longer than a week but then again it has gone by so quick in some ways!

Things are looking up!...
Rocky has put on more weight, so we are slowly heading towards his birth weight. He is waking himself up for feeds now and we have seen his eyes more than once! He is more alert too, it is so lovely! I think the hump is well and truly jumped over now we just need to keep it up!

Things are getting worse!!.....
This has been as crazy as last week, although with a few more smiles than before. I am in agony and I'm not overly sure why now. I know it's only been a week but this ache in my lower back and left hip is getting excruciating. Surely it's supposed to get better rather than worse? Or is it the whole, it gets worse before it gets better thing? Either way I'm not happy AT ALL, I can hardly walk. My ribs on the other hand are a lot better but still painful. I think it's just the bruising now though so the tablets will kick in soon I hope.

Looking back on the last few weeks it's strange to think he was ever inside me but I am so pleased he's not. I love his little face and his odd little field mouse noises! I love that he's as much trouble now as he was inside me but I must admit I prefer it now. I am really freaked out still about the fact that I have no idea what I'm doing and that something is bound to go wrong because this is me BUT I am trying to put that in the back of my head and think of the positives.... nothing else could go wrong surely?! Even I'm not that unlucky.

Here's to the next few days and weeks and months and years.... Welcome to the family Rocky we love you lots xxxx

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