Saturday, 14 July 2012

Rocky: Day 4 - Back to Hospital for Rocky!

Today the midwife was coming round to weigh his lordship but we don't get told when they're coming as it's a between 9 and 5 type of appointment almost like an Argos delivery lol. We waited all day but we managed to do so much. We had the house back to normal and spick and span, my mum had done all the washing that week so didn't have to worry about that. We had my uncle's birthday gathering this evening, where my family would get to meet Rocky and my Dad was coming to visit too so we had all that to look forward to. Busy evening ahead to make up for missing out yesterday because of  my trip to the hospital.

The midwife turned up at 2,30pm not too bad we thought, as she had come before we had to go out. Only issue with this is that when she weighed Rocky he had lost A LOT of weight. 12.8% of his birth weight to be precise. They usually lose up to 10% of their birth weight by day 3 but anything over is worrying and you are referred to the GP then the Peads assessment unit for tests..... BACK TO THE HOSPITAL WE GO.

I went along thinking they'll set him up a feeding plan and we would be able to make my uncle's birthday and see my dad too... we were then referred to the peads assessment unit. I tried ringing my dad to tell him but his signal was down so I couldn't even leave a message. I was then in a no signal zone too and so I couldn't even text him. I was trying so that he could just go home instead of making the trip all the way to Reading for nothing. I managed to get a message to my uncle and sent Hoff and Kyd over to them so that Kyd didn't miss out on his cake. He loves birthdays and it wasn't fair on him to miss out again so I was on my own and couldn't go and find signal! Dammit! My poor dad appeared at my house with nobody there as Hoff had no signal where he was either and I couldn't get to him to tell him to inform him. He was there for an hour and a half and just sat in his car before he decided to go home.... I bet he was fuming! He isn't now though as I've got hold of him and explained.

Meanwhile in the hospital.... Rocky was being drained of his blood. They tried in his tiny tiny veins in his hand but nothing much was happening apart from a big bruise. So they attacked his heel with a good response. Non of this phases me as I am used to it with Kyd and this didn't go unnoticed by the nurse. Funnily enough both the nurse and the doctor were ones that Kyd has seen many times so they knew who I was..... We had a much better chat about my history with Kyd this time though and they were gob smacked at the age I was when I had had him. I have had a few issues with the nurse in the past as she is very blunt, ignorant and rude..... but I quite like her now I think she thought I was a moron but now she seems to have respect for what I do with him. Rocky on the other hand now hated her for causing him pain it was the first time I'd heard him scream like that since he was born. I was really pleased Hoff wasn't there actually as he wouldn't have dealt with that very well, for most it is distressing, for me it is normal. All the bloods were then sent off and then it was another wait on my hands.

They asked me if I minded them feeding him a formula top up as this was going to have to be on a diet schedule from now until he puts on the weight. Although apparently there was now some discrepancy about how much weight had actually been lost as the hospital scales were different to the midwife's! I'm not really sure what was going on there but there we go. I completely agreed to give him the formula as in my eyes if he needs it he needs it.... but lets take you back to Day 1..... I said then I should give him top ups after each feed did I not??? How fricking frustrating!! If I had done what my gut had told me we wouldn't be in this bloody mess!!!!

Kyd went from my Uncles to Nana Hoff's house as we weren't sure just how long we were going to be and we didn't want him getting bored, worried or scared. off then came back to the hospital to hear that we were having to stay in!

His bloods came back that his Sodium levels were too high due to not feeding fully and that they'd have to keep him in and he would have to have regular obs and a strict 3hr feeding plan......  easier said than done.

So off to the Kid's ward we go! Strange coming here without Kyd! This is his stomping ground and I was hoping Robin wouldn't have to have any trips here any time soon. I did have to beg for a camp bed and luckily they found one. They don't have many and we were late on to the ward so I was very impressed with the nurse for finding one as I had only given birth 4 days ago and my ribs hadn't quite gone away even if they'd died down a lot since having him. I was really grateful although I do think the hospital should provide beds for all the side rooms with cots in in the kids wards as they are quite obviously going to have mummy or daddy with them and a hard upright arm chair isn't really that brilliant for them whilst feeding is it?

Anyway I better go and sleep a little now as we will have to be up soon for a feed.... watch this space!

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