Friday, 13 July 2012

Rocky: Day 3 - Busy Bee

So today has been sooooo busy! We had Kyd's sports day in the morning as well as Breastfeeding clinic then the GP, a trip to town to meet Aunty Siobhan, then we had another trip to the hospital for me... We don't do things normally in this house! Relaxing doesn't bode well!

Bye Bye Nanny Annie...
So my lovely mummy was heading home after her trip to save me from the slow and negligent doctors in the hospital. She has been on hand for Kyd sitting and been a brilliant help. We were sad to see her go but Kyd especially. We will see her again soon. She needs to go home and sit on the seafront and show the fishermen pictures of her new grandson..... I am slightly jealous.

Sports Day....
So we had to go to sports day obviously as Kyd was so excited. He was over the moon that his little brother was watching him.... on the other hand he was not impressed with the mud caused by the heavy rain the night before. He had slipped up and although he was ok he was not happy at all about being mucky and so was doing a Balotelli (footballer) strop on the field. He got half way through a race and just stopped and said 'nope it's too mucky!!' and walked off to the side! We laughed but his team were not impressed! After showing everyone his little brother again and letting them coo over him he got on with his games..... the ones not in the mud that is. We had to leave slightly early to go to the Breastfeeding clinic but he didn't seem overly bothered.

Breastfeeding Clinic...
We were asked by the midwife before we left the hospital to visit the clinic so that they could check his tongue tie. We went along and had a bit of a wait although it was nice as I got to listen to the other mums and the advice and problems they were having and take it all in. The care assistant just happened to be a local at the pub Red runs so that was really nice, as it meant I was comfortable.... although her staring at my boobs and telling me I had good feeding nipples, felt odd at first. They assessed his Tongue tie and said it wasn't too bad but could cause problems in the near future. We were told that a Dummy (I hate dummies) would help him with his sucking action and would also stretch his tongue at the same time. It feels weird as Kyd had the opposite problem his tongue was too big and floppy and so we had to push it in to strengthen his muscles...... now we are encouraging Rocky to stick it out! Over compensating for each other I think! We were given some advice on latching on with Tongue tie but he wasn't interested. He just likes to sleep and they didn't seem too concerned by that even though I was slightly worried about how much he was getting because he wouldn't wake for food and he fell asleep at the nipple after a few sucks. Bless him I should be pleased he likes sleep surely!

To the GP we go....
So yesterday the Midwife had told me that my Bladder issues since labour weren't really that normal and that she was worried because they didn't check me over before I left the hospital. So she told me I had to go to my GP today and discuss my leakage with her. So today I went to see her.... I wish I hadn't as she told me to go to the hospital again... I'd had enough of that place I did not want to go back and I did not want them to keep me in. I was knackered and petrified of what they were going to say so I put it off. I had plans for the afternoon and the evening and I knew that the evening was now ruined as I'd be there so I was going to make sure that I made my afternoon plans with my sister because I'm stubborn.

Meeting Auntie Siobhan!
Auntie S is a very busy lady, with a very busy job and she was beginning to get upset because she hadn't met Rocky yet. So we took Rocky to her office/prison cell. She was very excited to meet the new arrival to the point that she then went on a tour of the building intruding on everyone she works with. She was much happier knowing she'd managed to see him and we were happy to be out and about with him in our Joolz for the first time! (plus I managed to fit in fixing my lashes.... priorities and all that!)

Back to the Hospital...
So here we are again, I am sat in this bloody room in DAU, except this time I'm not sat plugged in to a monitor as I have the baby sat here with me. It's getting really late and they've not really done much with me because guess what..... the doctors are busy in surgery...... STORY OF MY WEEK SO FAR! I don't mind really as my bladder was nothing compared to a dodgy labour that needs urgent seeing to as lets face it I was there only a few days before... except the doctor was to busy to see me then too and got there just as I managed to fix it myself! Useless lol. Anyway I'm pretty sure they aren't going to do much with me but tell me to do what I've been doing anyway i.e pelvic floor exercises. I have been getting quite upset about the fact I have no control over my bodily functions but I'm not sure they'll be able to do anything about it. I have put it down to the fact I had a Catheter and an Epidural and it might take a little while to gain feeling.

Right well it's 10.00pm and they've said I can go home. They want me to see a physiotherapy on Monday just in case it carries on but other than that I have to... you guessed it.... pelvic floor exercises.

Overwhelmed and tired....
I know that he is only a few days old and most mums feel like this but trying to feed him is a real struggle I am up and down with a few minutes sleep in between he just sleeps all the time. Trying to wake him is like hell he isn't interested at all. I'm sick of that bloody hospital and never want to see it again. I'm in pain but that's just my body recovering and the fact it's not getting any recovery time because we are non stop trying to wake him and then feed him more than a tiny bit, isn't really helping. I had a week of hell after months of hell and I thought it'd be easier after he was born. Not in a niave way though I was expecting no sleep but I assumed that would be because he was crying and hungry not because I was trying to wake him up. I don't think I've really seen his eyes yet. Anyway I'm going to bed, I won't be sleeping but it's worth a try.

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