Thursday, 12 July 2012

Rocky: Day 2 - Hofficially a Royal!

On day 2 most people are relaxing on the sofa with a cuppa and settling in to life as a family... NOT US!!....

Today after the midwife popped by to see how things were going, we registered our baby as a Royal at the Madejski Stadium! (a Reading FC fan not part of the Royal family... although he was born in the same hospital as Kate so he practically is! lol)

The lad in the booth asked for his name and then his date of Birth.... He then looked up shocked as we said 10th July 2012... he said 'what 2 days ago?!' We said Yep! lifted up his car seat and they said 'ahhhh'. We then went to the Club Shop and bought his first Reading FC merchandise a lovely little blanket! (see above). Whilst we were in there the lady from the club took a picture of him to put on their Official Twitter... he's so his Brothers brother!!! Fame at the club already! :rolls eyes:

It was important to us to have him registered as a Royal from day one/two even though he isn't even registered as a person yet lol. Football is a huge part of who we are and we know it will be a huge part of his life too. His namesake Robin Friday is a Royals legend, His family are all Royals, Kyd is a fanatic Royal and Hoff and I met through Football (and the pub)..... so it just had to happen. He had to be lead up the right path in life right from the start, we can't harbour a non Royal in our household I think Kyd would blow up with rage. Uncle Dan would try his hardest to make him a Leeds fan too!! That is just child abuse so now he's registered he has no choice!

Uncle Geepers agrees! He is a Royal through and through and popped by to say Hi to the newbie earlier! A truly Royal orientated first full day at home...

Welcome to the Club Rocky!

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