Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Rocky: Day 1 - We get to go Home!!

Look at my beautiful baby! I can't take my eyes off him! Is he actually mine? Someone is going to take him and say 'Hahahaha Gottcha!' in a minute aren't they?!

So yesterday was hard work! Last night wasn't much better. He didn't seem to want to feed, he had a few seconds on the breast then fell asleep. I put it down to him being prem and the fact he must be as tired as me, but the midwife had other ideas. Turns out he's tongue tied! Only slightly but enough for it to be a problem. I had to express my colostrum from my breast into a syringe then drip it into his mouth so he actually got some... this was easier said them done! Obviously at this stage my milk hadn't yet come in so it was just the thick colostrum coming out and there isn't much of that anyway so trying to hand express it then catch the tiny drip into the tiny syringe was more trouble than it was worth! He was latching enough to get a little bit so we just put him on my breast more... I asked the midwife whether bottle feeding would be as hard with a tongue tie and she said no so I thought to myself is this worth it? Should I bottle feed until my milk comes in at least then I'd know how much he was getting. I began to worry about it but was told that breast would be fine if I hand expressed then drip fed at the same time... So I did.

When we got home I decided to top him up with some formula anyway, as I was sure he hadn't eaten enough. I dripped it into his mouth and he wasn't that excited by it but I knew he'd had a few mls more than he'd had breast so he and I were happy. I think I'll start again with the breast tomorrow see how we get on. It's no biggy if he has both breast and formula as long as he's getting enough down him.

When Batman met Robin...
So kyd came into the hospital first to see his new baby brother. He had first dibs on cuddles (although Auntie Lu had sneeked in after her night shift for a quick peek). He took to it like a duck to water. He had a huge smile on his face. After all this time he now had the chance to actually see him in the flesh. He laid down and asked me for the baby, I laid the baby on his chest and he said 'Hello Bobin'. He was so excited. He told me to shhhhh and said he was sleepy so I had to be quiet. I don't think we have much to worry about..... as long as the novelty doesn't wear off!

Going Home...
So we are now ready less than 24hrs after labour to go home!! I was over the moon! After the week I'd had I was ready to sit on my sofa and chill with a cuddle. I had people coming over. Grandparents and family and I was happy enough to let them come and coo over him now as it meant less visits the next day when I knew the adrenaline had worn off and the tiredness had set in. My mum was at home waiting for us as she'd come to help with Kyd. I was so excited about leaving the hospital I was almost bouncing down the hallway. Shame it was thunder and lightning and pelting it down with rain! Is this a sign? Is something going to go wrong? Nahhhhhh..... I'm so superstitious, I annoy myself sometimes!!

It's just so nice to be home! I just want to curl up in a ball and stare at him forever... well until I fall asleep!

Bring on the rest of our lives... As a family!

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