Monday, 9 July 2012

Pregnancy Diary: 09/07/12 - Labour - Day 4


What a morning!!
Turns out during the night my mum rang up the ward and had words with the staff. She is a nurse and was actually on a night shift herself in Scarborough when I text her in pieces explaining what was, or to be better put wasn't, happening. She tried to ring me but I'm no good at talking when I'm crying I generally can't be understood, so I told her as much and so she began to worry. She decided to phone up the ward and work out for herself what was happening..... She wasn't happy! She told them what for I think as they have been scarily attentive this morning Super grANN (her name is Ann). I woke up at 6am had my obs done as usual and took more codeine as usual, nothing new there. The midwife told me my mum had rung the ward etc which made me laugh a little. I was still puffy eyed from crying and I still felt really down. She reassured me that she had spoken to the doctors and today I'd be seen for definite. It had been 48 hrs after all and this was not on really, however busy they had been, it was technically patient neglect.

Breakfast Buddy
Kyd had been staying with family and was being dropped off here before school. I got to have breakfast with him in the breakfast room with the other mums and tiny babies! and i got a well needed cuddle. I'd not seen him since Friday afternoon and that was only briefly. I missed his fat little face and his cheeky grin. The only comfort I had was the little gruffalo teddy he'd bought me in on the Friday. He was happy as Larry, whoever Larry is. During breakfast the midwife appeared and said 'doctor is coming to see you bang on 9.30am and is going to examine you, so be ready' I was so relieved to hear this!!!! 'Whoop progress' I said to the mums on the the table and they all laughed. Hoff then appeared ready to take Kyd to school and was told to be back before 9.30 or he was done for lol.... He had to rush then poor bloke.

Mad Rush
In between him leaving and coming back I had my obs done again, the midwife listened to baby and a doctor appreared to do my ECG the anaesthetist had asked for on Saturday. It was like they were coming at me from all angles all of a sudden. I had a wash got changed and was ready for the doctor to FINALLY examine me for the first time in 48hrs.

Doctor arrives (only 21hrs late)
She was a grumpy woman but she got the job done. She explained that she would do another pessary if necessary but she hoped she'd be able to just be able to send me to labour ward for them to break my waters. I tell you what, it bloody hurt when she examined me. She was having a good old rummage in there and I couldn't breathe as it was but that and the position i was put in wasn't helping. She did a stretch and sweep and said although my cervix was no further dilated she had pulled it forward and it was possible to break my waters BUT it would be really difficult and quite painful as it was very far back. We agreed it was worth it as the only other option was another 24hrs with a pessary which may not work again.... Uh I'll man up and take the pain if it means being further on in the process as after all we were in hour 74 of being there..... The words that came next worried me though. 'Don't get too excited you may be ready but you are in a queue and the women in front of you have been waiting ALL WEEKEND!'....... WHAT?????? FFS are you serious!

Looking forward
Well something is better than nothing I suppose and lets face it yesterday I wasn't even in the queue!!! Hopefully we don't have too much time in the queue but at least I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.... Or rather the baby can see the light at the end of his tunnel!

Still more updates to come.
I really wasn't expecting this to be such a long drawn out experience for you all so I apologise now if it's boring you.... But on the bright side it's not you going through it so you can't complain!

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