Sunday, 8 July 2012

Pregnancy Diary: 08/07/12 - Labour - Day 3

Day 3 -

Day 3 in the Little Brother house and baby is still soundly sleeping whilst his parents try desperately to move the little blighter!....


I'm feeling very chipper this morning, no idea why either, I should be stressed or worried or anxious.... But nope the only word to describe my mood is 'chipper'. Last night I woke up on the hour every hour to change position because of my ribs but in between that I slept soundly, without drugs. I definitely needed it and I needed to feel in control this time as the night before I felt like anything could've happend and I wouldn't have had a clue. I was in pain but I felt like I could manage it better mentally as I was in a better frame of mind.

Positive mental attitude
I woke up this morning and felt like today was a new day. Today was the day where anything or nothing could happen..... A bit like yesterday and the day before really but today I was prepared for it. I woke Hoff up from his rather uncomfy chair and told him I was ready for this. He looked confused and dazed and whispered something about his back hurting and then looked at me waiting for a death stare or a snarky comment, but I just smiled and said 'that almost makes me feel better' he smiled with an almost 'welcome back' smile and kissed me on the head. I think what has helped is that I know the professionals on duty today knew what was going on and I have every faith that they'd see me through. Where as yesterday I felt quite alone and confused as to why nobody really understood.

Wise words
A reader said to me on a comment last night that baby will come when he and his surroundings are ready and that baby obviously knew that nobody was around that understood before, so he decided to stay put until there was. I like this idea. It made me smile and think yeah you're probably right after all this was my baby and like me he will do what he wants when he sees fit.... Stubbornness runs in the family.

A wise old wizard once said to me 'everything happens for a reason and at its on pace and in its own time, fate can not be rushed' (you know who you are wizard)

So now what?
Well now, I eat breakfast. I've got up, rearranged the room, had a wash, re applied my make up, done my hair, smiled a lot and generally felt better. Ward round is at 11am as its Sunday so the new and exciting day starts then when the new 'working' Pessary is put into play..... After that? Who knows??? Let's just go with the flow he'll be here soon enough.


  1. Hope it happens today for you. x

  2. Oh hun. I'm glad you feeling better. I know how frustrating it is for you.lets hope today will be the day you will hold your new baby in your arms. It has to be xxx

  3. Awwww good luck my lovely, he is going to be worth it all xxxx

  4. Sending positive cervix dilating contraction vibes to you for today x

  5. Break a leg Alice!!

  6. Stuborness does run in the family . It was passed down from one generation to another . He's being stubborn just like all of us ! Don't worry , you are all in good hands with the doctors and midwives <3 love you darling cousin xx

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