Saturday, 7 July 2012

Pregnancy Diary: 07/07/12 - Labour - Day 2 Part 2

Day 2 -

What a pointless day!

Everything fell aspart today, apart from my womb which stayed intact trapping my baby inside it. We removed the pessary only to find that I was no further dialated than the day before, even with strong regular contractions. I was not impressed at all I was hoping and praying that Today was the day...... NOPE!! The pessary being removed meant my contractions would stop, and stop they did!!! I was in pain even more now and all over too, knowing I had even longer to wait meant more pain and less baby cuddles sand I wanted to scream. I had to wait for the registrar who would then agree to put another pessary in or we would be left to see if it all happened naturally for 24hrs. That to me was my worst nightmare. Why would you leave me in that much pain for a whole 24hrs just to let the good work of pessary 1 go to waste just to start the process all over again? I don't get it???

Loss of faith
The registrar was getting the low down on my case outside my door from the midwife, she explained why, what and how I was here and said to him 'she has been induced because she has Teitze Syndrome' 'YOU WHAAAAT? What is that?' he said loudly whilst laughing! I looked at the Hoff and he looked at me and said 'helpful'. I was ready to cry I knew he had no idea what it was so how could he treat me or make the right decisions. My thoughts were seen to be true as he then said 'do another tomorrow, leave her today'. He came in to tell me and I was already crying. I tried to explain the pain and he looked baffled, like I was speaking French. All he could say was 'have you tried Diamorphine? I'll get them to give you some to help you relax and sleep' other than that he was quite unhelpful. If that were me I'd have heard the words 'Teitze Syndrome' and if I'd not known what it was I'd have gone and looked it up before deciding or at least read the notes!!! I was again fuming and not impressed.

So there we go, we had no choice but to sit it out, he was the doctor after all and he had final say on it. They came & gave me my Diamorphine and left me to it. I was completely out of it for aa good few hours. Hoff said I was babbling nonsense and being really nice and sweet to him, which worried him. This left me groggy and unable to eat for the rest of the day though and I was still in pain so it was a bit pointless really.

The new midwife on duty
What a breath of fresh air she was. She was helpful, explained everything and actually asked me what Teitze Syndrome was..... The first to do so in 32hrs. She said 'I like to learn something new everyday and in 20 years of midwifery I've never come across this on anyone' this isn't surprising as neither had anyone else. I explained it in full, my history with it, who diagnosed it and why they were inducing me. She was fascinated by it and wanted to learn more. When I told her I felt like I was in no mans land and knew nobody understood so was worrying about labour. She said she wanted to get some advice from the anaesthetist about aa plan of action, my eyes lit up I was so relieved someone had listened to what I'd been saying. She phoned him and he was coming to meet me. Hurrah!!

The Anaesthetist
HE KNOWS WHAT TEITZE SYNDROME IS!!!! He actually knows all about it! I wanted to cry, I even said pathetically 'you do?? You know what it is' I was so shocked. He even examined me and suggested a few other things that I could try and he could do before and after birth. Amazing! I think I love him! He is sending me to have an ECG tomorrow to eliminate a niggle he has as to what might have caused it. He's also talked to me about pain relief in labour and reassured me he'd look into it and would come back tomorrow to make aa plan! A PLAN!!! It's like those words were from heaven.

So there we go he and my lovely midwife were the highlight of my day of nothingness. Not much else happend other than sweating buckets in this bloody room..... It's sooooooo SO hot in here!

**holds up fake glass of wine that has turned into water**
Here's to tomorrow and another shot at seeing my precious bundle of annoyance for the first time. Please be good and come out, I need to kiss your head and thank the lord I can now fix my ribs whilst enjoying your company and cuddles. It's a win win situation baby you know you want to!!!


  1. Just followed your blog after seeing you on Twitter and my god, i feel your pain! Literally! I was induced with my 3 month old son and had a very similar scenario - contractions stopped and whatnot. But luckily i was too far gone and they elected to give me an emergency c-section. Still a horrendous ordeal but i think i would have been beside myself if they'd told me i'd have to wait another 24 hours. WTF!?!?! Like you, i had an array of unhelpful doctors that seemed to come in, assess me, fob me off and leave me hanging. I really, really hope that things pick up for you and you have your baba sooner rather than later.

    Great blog by the way!


  2. Oh hun, it must be so disheartening x
    I know the waiting and the pain must be a nightmare, just try to hold onto the fact that theres a reason for everything. You need your body to be ready, and the baby. And you need to know that they have all your needs taken care of.
    Maybe your body new that the people caring for you weren't quite ready.
    I know you want it all to happen asap, but actually I hope it happens when you're ready, the babies ready and the people around you are able to give you the best possible care they can.
    Love sent xxx (hang in there, both of you!)


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