Saturday, 7 July 2012

Pregnancy Diary: 07/07/12 - Labour - Day 2

DAY 2 -

So they gave me pethedine to help me sleep through the pain. I was awake for 19 hours yesterday most of that with contractions several minutes apart and only a few doses of codeine for my ribs and for the labour. Pethedine was the only way I was ever going to sleep as my ribs by this point were starting to cave in. I've not slept for weeks now longer than a few hours at a time and I needed the strength to adapt to whatever was to be thrown at me today. It did the job but only for a few hours. I was given it at 12am then disturbed to take obs at 2am but I practically slept through that,then at 4am I was being stabbed again in my ribs. The pain was way worse than before I'd gone to sleep but I assume it's because I've been sleeping in one position for too long. I've just been for a walk to ease it and it hasn't really done anything at all. I had a bit of a panic as I suddenly noticed half way round the ward walk that I hadn't noticed any contractions since waking up.... This worried me. What if they've stopped? What if I'm back at square 1? I couldn't cope with that. Then out of nowhere, as if by magic, I was bent double in pain. I think the pethedine had just numbed them to the point where I wasn't noticing them as much.... PHEW!!!

Now What?
I am now sat in bed again contemplating what my next move is. Hoff is asleep in the chair next to me and I don't want to disturb him just yet, after all this is going to be a big day for him too. I have options. I can be topped up with pethedine now to ease the pain again or I can have an early Epidural, which is the last hope and action for my ribs, well in my head it is. I don't want to be too numb that I'm stuck in bed as, let's face it, this might go on for ages yet and they'll only have to top it up before actual labour.... I think I'll opt for the pethedine and reassess when that wears off again.

What normally happens?
Routinely at this stage of induction (24hrs in)they'll examine me and remove the pessary and replace it.... And then it's a waiting game again. In the best case scenario I'd have dilated enough over night for me to have my waters broken and move on to the next stage. Worst case scenario being I'm no further along than this time yesterday and I have to wait the same as before, but hopefully this time with a quicker outcome. If all else fails they'll send me down for a C-Section 24hrs after that..... I don't really want that though, as I'd like to be able to move around after the birth and get back to normal ASAP for everyone's sake.

I knew this wasn't going to be straight forward.... This is me after all and nothing I ever do is straight forward. This pregnancy for instance has been a rollercoaster of emotions, illness and rare randomness, a simple labour would have been too much to hope for but eventually there will be a baby at the end of this and all will be forgotten.

Dad Update
I do feel for Hoff too at the moment, that look of feeling useless in his eyes and the way he's desperately trying to not annoy me, is quite upsetting to watch and almost endearing.... But I won't tell him that! He will panic if I'm nice to him, as he will then know I'm quite scared. So shhhhh don't tell him.

I am a complete walking calamity! Nothing I do is ever classed as 'normal' and Why are boys so bloody difficult? Just come out already I want a cuddle!

I'll try and keep you all updated as to what's happening but if I go quiet don't get too excited, I'm probably just knocked out by the drugs!

Don't forget #BaihoffBaby on twitter for regular updates.... It might just get interesting.... Then again it might not!!


  1. Christina Marriott7 July 2012 at 06:12

    Good luck hunny x hope things progress quickly for you x with regards to a c-section, i ended up with an emergency one and was up and about within 12hours and discharged 2days after that so Dont think that you will be laid up for days if you end up with one but fingers crossed you get there naturally!

    Looking forward to you birth announcement xxx

  2. I'd agree a caesarean doesn't have to mean being stuck in bed for days. Hope it doesn't come to that though. x

  3. With Sakura ( she's 3 ) She was suppose to be induced but during the induction , she flipped and became breeched. and I went for an emergency C section. Alice , ask for a scan to see if #Baihoffbaby didnt flip Xx

  4. Induced labour is tough but the reward is immense!!
    You are doing brilliantly, just keep going.


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