Friday, 6 July 2012

Pregnancy Diary: 06/07/12 - Labour update. 10pm

Ok so today has gone pretty slowly. I had the pessary in at 8.50am and the fun started from there. When I say fun I mean anxious wait and not just for Hoff and I but for all the people following my live labour updates via Facebook and Twitter. Updating them means I have something to look back on and a wayb of friends and family ton keep up to date. This did keep me happy too and gave me something to do!! I am really lucky too because a friend of mine was working on the ward so there was a little entertainment and distraction for me along the way, plus before she went home she made sure we were put in our own room so that Hoff could stay with me!! She's good to us, thanks Liz!

So I'm laying here eating a Maccy D's. It's 10pm and I'm still only 1-2cm dilated even though my contractions are every three minutes and really strong. I've had enough now I'm shattered. My cervix is soft and stretchy so it's ready to go but for some reason its not happening. Ive been awake since 5am this morning and I'm knackered but the pain is keeping me awake. So far my ribs have taken a battering and although I put on a brave face all day, even to the point where Hoff pointed out I was being too nice, I'd been practically dying inside. I've been trying not to take too many pills and so codeine had been my only friend and it had done the job for a short while. Every time I contract it attacks my ribs and hurts like a mother.... As the Americans would say, but hey ho not long before all that is over so I'm trying to man up and take it.... How longs will this last then?

The support from my Facebook and Twitter has been amazing and I am loving that so many are getting involved in the #BaihoffBaby hash tag. I'm sorry it's taking so bloody long but hopefully you'll help me see out the next few painful hours and welcome my new baby into the world with us..... Hold on tight kids, it's not going to be an easy ride I'm pretty damn sure of that!!!

Alice xx


  1. Bless, keep goin hun, hopefully won't be too much longer, (clicheWarning!) It'll all be worth it in the end!! xxx

  2. I've been watching Twitter since you first started Darling and the hashtag is in my tweets always <3 Xx I love you awesome cousin . Use that Dennehy Stubborn blood lol


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