Friday, 6 July 2012

Pregnancy Diary: 06/07/.12 - Induction Day...

OMG..... I'm having a baby!

So after weeks of agony with my ribs I am hoping today or tomorrow it will all be over..... well sort of the pressure will be off them so it will be treated asap!! WHOOOOOOP

So in 45 minutes I will be walking into that hospital and the journey to holding my baby will begin. an Induction can take anything around 24-72 hours (or less if your body allows) so I'm in for a long process. We will start by doing the general tests in the Day Assessment Unit, where they will then insert a Pessary to begin the softening of the Cervix.... eeeeeeeek! I will be monitored every 4hrs and if nothing is happening within 24 hours they'll insert another Pessary and try again. When necessary, they will transfer me up to the Delivery ward where they will break my waters and put me on a hormone drip and watch me roll into actual labour.... where an actual baby will come out the other end!!! I have no idea where the Epidural will come into the process but as they are planning on giving it to me earlier than usual because of my ribs it will come somewhere in the middle! lol. If the Pessaries fail they will then take me for a C-Section.... but as this is my second baby apparently this will probably not happen.... but knowing me, this could well be the case. A friend of mine yesterday called me a 'Medical Mystery' with all my rare random medical issues that occur and pop up I have to agree! I never do things normally, never have so why would I start now!

I am not going to lie I am absolutely petrified. I have been sat here looking at the Joolz pushchair thinking Jesus a baby will be in that soon! I'm sooooooo freaked out by that. Hoff is no doubt freaking out too but as he is still asleep I can't ask him. Kyd is also still in the land of nod and is very well prepared but will be having Breakfast at school this morning. I can't wait to hold him in my arms but I will beg him to be healthy as I can't deal with another heartbreak of any kind baby wise.... Kyd's diagnosis was a shock, I know genetically baby is fine but for me until the doctors say in 30 years time 'No he's still fine Alice' I will be panicking!.... I can't help it!!

So I will try and update you all as much as possible but to keep up to date with the here and now don't forget to check the #BaihoffBaby hashtag on Twitter.

Wish me luck... again!!


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