Monday, 18 June 2012

Pregnancy Diary: 18/06/12 - 34wk Preterm Labour Scare!

So since Thursday (14/06) I have had THE worst Braxton Hicks and they've been more and more regular as the time has gone on but not necessarily in a pattern as such. I have been putting on a brave face as they didn't hurt too much just uncomfortable and I knew they were just fake contractions and there wasn't really much I could do about it. I'm not going to lie, deep down I was slightly worried about it but there was absolutely no way I was going into that hospital again until I was in actual labour! I've had enough of the place! So I waited... and waited... and it didn't really change. Hoff was quite insistent that I should go and get checked out but I just held off and tried to put it off with every excuse in the book. There is absolutely nothing they could've told me that I didn't already know and absolutely nothing they could've done about it that I couldn't do at home.... I looked up 'PreTerm Labour' on all the parenting websites there were and they all said 'drink 3 glasses of water, as Braxton Hicks could be made worse by dehydration' they all said to lay on my left side for over an hour too and if it was 'False Labour' then it would ease off.... it did ease it... but not for long!

This morning the back pain started and the period like cramps made each one of the Braxton Hicks feel like I was being stabbed in the stomach. I woke up at 5am uncomfy and in pain and I began to panic slightly. I pottered around the house trying not to wake anyone and took a few paracetamol to ease it. I drank another few glasses of water and went back to bed to lay on my left side for an hour.... it seem to ease it the day before so I thought it was worth a try. It didn't really make much difference but it was good to lay down. When the boys woke I started recording my Braxton Hicks/Contractions on the pregnancy iPad app we'd downloaded..... They were every 6 minutes... and very strong.... I found myself thinking 'hmmmm could this be more than just fake contractions? Maybe I should go in and get checked out now' In a way I still thought I was fine and that I was being one of those irritating over reacting women and they were just your average Braxton Hicks.

I rung the Triage number though on Hoff's say so and spoke to a midwife who said I should come in asap to be monitored. So I told Hoff that he had to take me in...... he looked relieved. We shoved the maternity bags, birthing ball and all that jazz in the car just in case and made our way over to the hospital.

I was put on a monitor which had my contractions and the babies heartbeat on it... I was right they were every 6 minutes and they were pretty strong. It was weird seeing the evidence on the graph as I had actually started doubting myself lol. The doctors and midwives looked a little concerned at the fact they seemed to be getting worse. They decided to do an internal to check if I was going into Early Labour or not. It seemed to be that I wasn't but they decided to keep me in to monitor me just in case that changed.... I BLOODY KNEW IT!! I knew they'd keep me in!! I was not impressed and I know they were there to help and were worried but I was not happy about it. The good thing is that I wasn't in labour.... but why was I contracting??

Another doctor came in. I'd seen him previously on the other ward and he said 'I don't think we should keep you in I think that's just mean!' hahaha I like him he's straight forward. He said he had to do an internal scan to see where the babies haed was to the uterus wall (I think) the bigger the gap the longer away labour was and if it was a certain length then it was all good and it'd mean labour wasn't anywhere near... He added that if it was a certain length and I gave birth in the next 24hrs he'd eat his gloves... I wasn't sure about that I think it's bcause he had no hat! lol..... Luckily I was just about on that line so NO LABOUR! Which meant NO STAYING IN!! I even got to see my baby on a normal scan for the first time since 18wks and he measured perfectly to his age, if not a little bit bigger, which was nice to know.

I was so relieved not only did I not have to stay in but I was not in PreTerm labour. Even though at 34+3 baby would survive quite nicely I am not ready to have such a tiny baby to look after... another few weeks cooking would be great thanks baby!!

I am still in pain, I'm still contracting and I am still bloody uncomfortable but unless I get much worse, my waters break, I have a show or bleed.... I am good to stay at home and I basically just have to MAN UP for a bit!!

So fingers crossed hey, No more scares please body I'm bored of them now and these contractions better die down soon or I will be crying more than the baby when he arrives!

Whatever happens I'll keep you posted!


  1. Awesome Alice, just found you on Twitter (you probably don't remember me, im Siobhan's friend, Dawn) and saw this, what a good read and a great idea to share! Hope the BH's settle soon, they're a bitch! Hope Reece is well and you're all taking care xx

  2. aww hun, its horrid isnt it. Em came at 34+5 and is tiny as you know, shes now at 3months 9lb 9. The doctor sounded good though :)

    all the best in the rest of the pregnancy x

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