Sunday, 17 June 2012

Pregnancy Diary: 17/06/12 - The Nursery is now DONE!!

What once was the bright pink carpeted, blank wallled play room is now a lovely striped Blue, White and Red nursery...  note it's not Red, White and Blue as there is more Blue than Red and it's more football related that way. Kyd has helped us the whole way from painting the room to picking the wallpaper and he is very proud of himself.

So how did we pick what nursery items and designs we wanted/needed and why.... because lets face it it's a hard decision!!!

Well I'm Picky....... I'm not  happy with paying someone to do what I could do myself...... So I designed my own Nursery range lol..... well sort of.

I wanted stripes on two walls, Blue and White ones maybe with a bit of grey, red or green... preferably red... After looking everywhere for ages, going back and forth between all these different websites and shops and driving Hoff mad, the brilliant John Lewis had some of the exact wallpaper which I had envisioned and was PERFECT!! I have no idea why I didn't just look there first! Silly girl!! We painted the other walls before putting up the wallpaper... in which we put up horizontally... which was hard work!

We changed the lovely (ghastly) pink carpet for a dusky blue... and about time too! Poor Kyd had to deal with that carpet since we moved in... not that he was bothered. Added some lovely Red black out curtains and bought some cheap plain white and beech furniture. I added a little bit of the wallpaper to Kyd's old Toy Box that he didn't want any more, glossed it and made it look pretty and everything was tying in together nicely.

So with lots of different blues and reds the theme for the rest of the nursery was easy to match up.... colour wise anyway. I am hard work and everything we found in different shops were teddy bears, Bunnies, Jungle and Truck themes etc etc I didn't like any of them and they looked funny against the stripes.... I had a paddy!

....So I just made up my own. Meet my lovely little Robins...

So simple that they can be drawn, sewn and stuck on to anything like so....

This was much cheaper too. Buy plain dyed things, blank canvas' etc and add your own bits to it!! They wanted £25 for a canvas and the one I did cost me £4... no brainer really. I used left over wallpaper to do the picture frame, a few cheap squares of felt to do the hanging birds and some plain old cheap framed canvas from a shop in town and some paint I had left over to do the art work. It worked really well and there is absolutely no reason why you can't do this too... even if you aren't arty the simpler the design the easier for you. Stripes, Squares, Circles... whatever you can draw... use things to draw around if necessary. It can be done!

The one thing I know now is that my baby has a very unique room nobody else has it.... this satisfies me! I'm funny about these things! It's been personalised for him alone by me and, unless one of you goes out and literally gets everything I have just said and does everything I've done down to a tee, which would be a little weird, he will be the only one to ever have it.... I think that makes it more special for him.... and a little more special for me.... lets face it he won't notice for a good few years yet!! lol

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  1. Felt from Boyes', Scarborough, methinks. Looks lovely. Very different from the room I used when visiting. Does Rhys know that he'll have to share his room with me? Different from me sharing mine with him! See you soon. xxx


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