Saturday, 16 June 2012

Pregnancy Diary: 16/06/12 - How to Prepare for the Announcement on the day the Alice way...

I have a huge family and lot's of close friends and the fear of getting the news to them all at once, so nobody is deemed the favourite because they found out first, is hard work!! Hoff's family are slightly less Brady Bunch like and there are a lot less of them but he too has a lot of friends and would like to tell everyone all at once so not to have to pick who to ring first....

Now if you are like me all of those silly amounts of friends and family you have are scattered around the country and the world of Facebook and Twitter are a huge part of your communication at times of joy and times of sorrow... you'll just say 'put a pic on facebook and twitter and leave people to find out in their own time'... although I will no doubt do that... I want the main people to be told first so this will have to wait while we trench through our phones texting and ringing everyone...... so it'll be AGES before people find out and who do you text first? (other than grandparents and aunts and uncles)


I decided the other day, whilst conjuring up a list of names to phone for my maternity bag, that if I group my phone contacts up on my phone into Family, Extended Family & Friends, I only have to send the one message to each group and it goes to them all at once... no order necessary... HURRRRAHHHHH!!..... I'm so clever!!!!

To top that, I came up with an ingenious plan to pre write a template announcement message to save time whilst saving time....

'HE'S HERE!!! (name) - Born: (date and time) Weight: (?)lbs (?)ozs. Both Mummy and Baby are doing well, photo's will be on facebook soon. Alice, Hoff & Rhys xx'

So we just have to fill in the blanks, add a group to send it to and then hit... SEND and off it goes to everybody all at once....

Then after that we can put a picture of our little bundle of joy up on facebook and Twitter via the iPad and then everybody else will know the news and see his face!!

Simple really but I feel like a genius... if not overly organised!!

What do you think? Lazy or Clever?

I think Clever! Bring on the actual day!!

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