Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Pregnancy Diary: 23/05/12 - Hellllllo Sunshine!! Goodbye Leggings!!

I may regret writing this in a few weeks due to over heating but.........

Goodbye cold nasty rainy weather and having to wear extra layers, drying the washing on the radiators and carrying a brolly!!....

Yesterday saw the start of a little heat wave, when I say little it's because this is in fact England and will no doubt last only a few days. So I'm making the most of it. I've done more loads of washing in the past 2 days than in the past few weeks. I've washed all the babies things, they've dried and then been put away within a few hours... it's like heaven. All my windows are open fully to air the smell of winter out of my house, I don't know what winter smells like but you know what I mean and most importantly of all.... I can wear flip flops, all my lovely maternity wear that has been too summery to wear up until now and I don't have to wear leggings, which have become my only option during pregnancy!!

You see as a 6ft woman clothing companies don't think you can have babies for some reason..... even the tall lady clothing companies (aimed at middle aged women because young 6ft women don't exist) give you all of a few options of clothing and they charge you stupid amounts for the privilege. I am not about to pay a stupid amount of money for a pair of trousers that don't fit properly, look awful and make me feel like I've aged 20 years, just to wear them for a few months of pregnancy...... what a load of..... SOOOO leggings became my best friend... and then my most hated item in my wardrobe.

Maternity leggings go over your bump, lovely and comfy etc but finding tops that cover my ever growing bump and my bum at the same time has become hard work, even my dresses are starting to look silly now.... Also putting them on has become just as hard as covering them up. My bump gets in the way now, I find myself getting in various yoga positions just to put them on because it's been too cold not to wear them. Plus when trying to look even slightly smart, leggings aren't really that lovely looking and they look a bit silly with certain outfits.

I did manage to find a dress for a charity ball in my wardrobe that fit and did look almost ok with just tights and flats but I just looked huge in it!! It's not really something I could wear regularly either so it didn't count!!

Just to top off the stress of the legging situation, the fact I can't wear slip on shoes, pumps, flip flops etc in the rain has been hard work. I have worn through the only pair of pull on boots I had because they were all I could wear... these also didn't go with anything I had that fit over my bump so making my clothing choices even harder. I moved on to my Ugg boots but when it rained my feet got wet. Then my only dry foot boot option was a lace up army boot, which I could get on but not off, so once on, they stayed on, well until Hoff got home to take them off! This did become quite funny but very frustrating. They also didn't look right with many of my outfits so I was restricted from my restrictions.

Socks were just as hard work but with boots I had no choice but to wear them... the yoga poses also came out for this part too. Which isn't easy with the length of my legs I can hardly touch my toes as it is!!! *I'd like to add I've never done Yoga so I'm guessing these are yoga poses*

BUT NOW... Sunshine!

I can wear a lovely maxi dress that covers my belly, bum & legs, I have quite a few in the wardrobe so I don't even have to buy new ones. I can bypass the socks and boots and go straight to the flip flops and slip ons. I can in fact feel like a girl, with options..... I'm so happy.... this better continue! I'm not too fussed about feeling too hot I'd rather that than be too cold & it's a good excuse to eat as many ice lollies as possible.

I'm just going to pretend I'm Kimberly Stewart for a bit... humour me!!
Only problem is... I'm paler than milk and my feet are all wintery and horrid.... I need some fake tan & I definitely need a pedicure.... HOFFFFFFFF!!!


  1. At 32 weeks myself I am loving the sunshine too and the outfits I can wear. I have lots of summery maternity skirts and a few dresses as have had two previous summer babies. You are looking fab by the way...not huge at all!

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