Thursday, 26 April 2012

Pregnancy Diary: 20/04/12 - Pitch invasions whilst pregnant are NOT advisable... but brilliant!!

So following on from my last Pregnancy post, I left hospital after a long and tiring battle with a possessed radiator and a dodgy blood pressure but with a huge smile of knowing all was fine. I had some simple rules to stick to... which was to be my biggest task... I'm no good at rules... but I was indeed all OK apart from my dodgy blood pressure which apparently couldn't be helped.

I also left with the joy in my heart that as it was in fact Tuesday that I was being released which was what I was aiming/praying for the whole way through... if I hadn't been let go by then I'd have escaped...

You see TUESDAY meant what could be one of the biggest games of football for Reading FC in the whole season and as I'd missed the Friday game which was important in itself, as I was being tortured by the possessed radiator at the time, I was determined to be there... This caused some controversy as I had been given the 'stay calm and relaxed' rule not long before the game was about to start. I am not stupid. I know I had been in hospital. I know I'm 6 1/2 months pregnant and I know that football and the noise it brings with it, is the last thing the doctors had ordered whilst feeling faint & having a stupid constant headache.... They had in fact told me not to be on my own... and I was going to be part of a 22,000 strong crowd... so I was defo not on my own! Football is my life! Has been for ages and It's what has got me through the past few days in hospital and it's what I needed to do.... Much to the disgust of my parents and many others who don't like football and have no understanding of my passion. I did tell my Dad I was not going to go at all and as I said on the phone 'I promise' I had my fingers firmly crossed. The Hoff however knows me better than that, tell me NO and I'll do it anyway... he had told me that if I was going to go he knew he couldn't stop me but there were rules I had to stick to...

  1. I had to wear ear plugs... these were quite handy actually so I wasn't bothered by this!
  2. I had to stay sat down at all times... well most of the time!... I managed that though as the game itself wasn't overly exciting until the very end... but I may have stood up for a few minutes then!
  3. I had to keep drinking water and have sweet things on me!... easily done!
  4. If I felt dizzy I had to tell the people around me!... not that they'd hear me in the noise!
  5. If I thought I was going to be ill in any way at all I had to tell the medics, who happen to sit behind me!... Easily done also!
  6. and FINALLY... If we won and the results else where went our way... I MUST NOT... run on the pitch to celebrate...
WELL... I tried! I had done so well! Even when we scored I was well behaved... ish... but at that final whistle... not so much!

You see, for those non footy types, Reading FC only needed the 1 goal in the end to be promoted to the Premiership (with Man Utd, Chelsea etc) thanks to West Ham drawing their game. It had been a long agonising journey to get us to that point and when that 1 goal came, it was like someone had just told me I'd won the lottery.... I don't expect all of you to understand because football is a foreign body to most of you but it was like the cloud from the past weekend in hospital and all the worry about what was wrong had been lifted and carried away with the celebrations of the team! Kyd... well he was actually falling over himself celebrating I don't think he quite knew what it meant at the time but he was just over the moon. The Hoff even came to join me for the celebrations after the goal... although I suspect it was to keep an eye on my reaction rather than out of excitement.

With only minutes to go, the agonising wait for them NOT to score and ruin it all was on... It was very tense and I tried to sit down but I couldn't as bit by bit more and more people appeared at my side. Kyd was picked up by friends and carried off to the edge of the pitch and at that final whistle... I watched as my beautiful, loyal and ecstatic 9yo boy was carried on to the pitch for a pitch invasion he was with, what I think was, the first 50 people to get on there. I was so proud of him and  he looked so proud of himself, cheering and singing away to his footballing idles for what I would say is the best football game of his life.

I watched for all of 2 minutes then looked at Hoff and ran off... I was going on that pitch I mean, how could I not... I said loudly whilst running 'I'll be calm, I'll be calm'... got on the pitch and went mad... lol I started singing 'I'm preg-nent and on the pitch' as I ran towards some of my friends... Hoff did not look impressed! He started telling me to calm down whilst laughing as I said 'ohhh I think I'm going to wee myself'. As I made my way over to the players with a few friends I had lost sight of Kyd and although I knew he was OK and with people I trusted I was a little concerned as what started with him and the other 49 people ended in a reported 10,000 so in my head I needed him there. As I looked around I saw him hovering above the crowd with a huge smile and still singing as he was still being held up by friends. I got his attention by singing at him and they made their way over to me. I was holding up a friends sign in the middle of the pitch at the time which, I might add for those who don't know, was usually out of bounds! I was overly happy at that moment but I knew the buzz of the excitement was creating a worse reaction to my head and as I saw Hoff's concerned face take over his excited one, I started to take deep breaths and calm myself down... with the odd song and chant coming my way every now and again though obviously...

My attempt at not going on the pitch was useless... but I'd never have forgiven myself if I hadn't... and if I hadn't gone to the actual game itself... someone's head would've been rolling right then and there. I however had obviously 'promised' I wouldn't go... This was slightly broken and I was very much caught out when sky Sports focused in on the sign I was holding up... and my face appeared... whoops BUSTED!!!

We were there for a while but as we knew we wouldn't be able to get out of the car park we weren't bothered. It was so lovely to see so many fans supporting and backing the boys of Reading FC. They've worked really hard and before Christmas I for one, was laughing at the thought of winning the big prize... I have been quite sceptical as we tend to panic and lose out in the end of each season... NOT THIS TIME THOUGH!!! We went on to win the whole league a few days later and although we knew we were already up we were now Champions and the celebrations are still going on.

This was not the first time during this pregnancy that I have been in hospital and literally only hours later was sat in my seat at the Mad Stad cheering on the boys... THAT'S DEDICATION FOR YOU RIGHT THERE!!.... but it was the first time I was on the pitch! AND it was well worth it... even if I couldn't move the next day! Luckily there was only 1 more game at home after that and I was very well behaved. I am not allowed to go to the last game of the season in Birmingham because I don't want to give birth on the train or anything, so the boys are going without me... I'm not happy but it is the sensible option. Luckily we will be celebrating with 25,000 other people at the stadium as the boys lift the cup on the Sunday so I will still get some sort of final excitement out of it.

Next time I don my seat at the Mad Stad... I will be a mummy of 2 (although baby won't be there) and we will be playing in the Premiership...

Bring on the Big Boys... URRRZZZZZ


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