Thursday, 26 April 2012

Pregnancy Diary: 19/04/12 - Why am I always in hospital on Weekends!!

So a week before I go away for a friends Hen doo... I fall flat on my face in a public toilet, after fainting and end up in hospital... for 4 excruciating days & nights... so now I can't fly... Oh the joys of losing out on a holiday you've already paid for!

I'll start from the beginning shall I....

I have had an issue with headaches and migraines throughout this pregnancy so when I felt a bit rough I just assumed it was that again, so I tried to kill it off with tablets before it got to the 'can't get out of bed' stage. Annoyingly the headache didn't go even after a few days and I had developed a slight blur in my eyes & nausea because of it. It wasn't like my usual headaches and the blur I get with migraines are usually more flashes and this was like a cloudy effect but I wasn't worried. When my thirst began to get stupid and I was downing water like an alcoholic on a park bench would down cider, I began to worry a bit. I started thinking about the signs I'd been told to look out for and after friends of mine told me to see the midwife on the Friday, I dropped Kyd off with a friend and I began to think 'oh dear what could it be?' But my midwife wasn't available and my GP wasn't answering... Helpful

To cut a long story short, I was in town on my own and I passed out just as I shut the door of a public toilet... well I think I did anyway.... as I found myself slumped across the toilet... classy... I'd banged my bump as I'd passed out so I started to panic a little. I sat there for a good 10 - 15 minutes because I felt a bit weak and I was worried I'd be sick or do it again. Luckily I was in the right place as I was near an NHS walk in centre!! I walked up to the counter and as I began to talk I burst into tears the only words I got out were 'I'm 6 1/2 months pregnant and.....'

The walk in centre were brilliant they sat me down, started to calm me down and  worked out what was wrong. They took me into a side room and did the obvious blood sugar and urine tests... all clear. My Blood Pressure however was so far down the scale I might as well have been dead, I wasn't alarmed by this as I have a generally low blood pressure but it always panics the doctors and midwives. The nurse got hold of my GP and the angel on reception managed to get me squeezed in to be seen within 45mins of the phone call, which shocked everyone at the Walk In as on a Friday, at a GP surgery, this is odd to say the least. I did have to walk to the bus to get up there which was a bit worrying at the time but I made it to the GP and I sat and waited, just pleased to be there.

As the GP walked in I was slumped on the floor as I had felt a bit strange again and thought the floor was a better place to fall from than a chair (see mum I do listen to you sometimes). I then realised I couldn't get up and as she giggled and said 'are you OK?' I smiled and she helped me up. It was a funny sight to be honest and even I was laughing. She went through the whole thing again with me and after a good listen to the baby... which took a while as he still likes to hide... she decided that I needed to go to the hospital for the Emergency Clinic so they could take a look.... This day was just getting worse!!

The Emergency Clinic shuts at 6pm... yep it shuts at 6pm!!! What sort of 'Emergency Clinic' shuts at a specific time? Surely an emergency clinic is for emergencies... which can happen at any time... No?! Anyway as it was 5.15pm and I had to get home get my notes and get to the hospital by 6... I was panicking because I really didn't think I'd make it on time. I phoned Hoff and told him he had to leave work early, explained and told him he had to meet me at home... he works in a different town though so I assumed he wouldn't get to me in time so I was panicking even more BUT to my surprise he made it... to be fair my judgement on timings for journeys is awful so don't worry he wasn't foot to floor the whole way. I got to the Clinic at 5.58pm... great timing!! Hoff reluctantly left me at the maternity block and went to park the car, so not to waste time, then made his way to me in the clinic. We did all the tests all over again, went through what happened for the 3rd time and waited to see what they wanted to do next...

Here is where, at 8pm, I was put on one of the maternity wards for monitoring. They were worried about Pre-eclampsia and my headaches and wanted to monitor me just until they were sure. I was a little bit gutted if I'm honest as I was sure I'd just be in and out and I was only there to double check about bumping my bump... and baby seemed absolutely fine. Also I was missing the footy and it was a very important game BUT don't get me wrong, I was very pleased they were monitoring me and that I was being reassured that baby was ok... I wasn't missing too much of the footy though as the lovely folk on Facebook were keeping me updated of the scores and the odd cheer and boo were coming out of my ward bay, which amused a few of the dads who were visiting as they were obviously missing the game too!!

The Possessed Radiator's Gonna Get Ya!!!....
The room on the ward I was in had this weird groan and what sounded like a really loud filtered fish tank, I assumed it was the lady next to me on some sort of drip as the curtains were shut so I couldn't tell. I dealt with the noise even with a stupid headache still looming over me, well until the morning when I asked the lady opposite what it was... she then said it was the radiator and that it has been like that continuously since she has been there... the Wednesday before!! OH GOOD GOD REALLLLLLY?!! This is bonkers I can't even explain the noise of this thing it was madness. I carried on dealing with the noise thinking that I was going to be out of there that night... which was not to be!! My blood pressure was still coming up with silly low numbers which was freaking the midwives out and my head was getting worse, obviously not helped with the noise.

On night 3.... yep 3! I'd had enough, I wanted to scream!! It was getting louder and louder and louder... I couldn't sleep and I wasn't sure whether the headache was the original one or a new one created by the possessed radiator. It really was possessed! It was like it was taunting me! WHY would you put someone in hospital with a severe headache in a room with a constant loud noise??? I'd been told that day that I was going to be sent for an MRI scan to make sure all was OK in my head and I got to the stage that if I wasn't moved I was going to scratch my eyes out and smash my head against the wall until there really was a problem to look for!!

At 1am the midwife popped her head round the curtain as she had seen the light was still on... there I was sat making tissue paper flowers... AT 1AM!! You see I'd been told by the doctor No TV, No computer, I was not even to do any reading... No Nothing, basically I had to just sit there... that was never going to happen but I did stick to it sort of, I just needed something to do and as My Wedding is all being made by me... I thought I'd get on with some of it whist I had the chance... even though it isn't until July 2013!.... ANYWAY the midwife said 'ummmmm do you normally make paper flowers at 1am?' my response 'doesn't everybody?' the clear sarcasm in my voice made her laugh and I said 'are you deaf? how can anybody sleep with this stupid noise?' her response... 'it does seem to be louder'... Me... 'I actually think I'll commit murder if you don't make it stop, I can't deal with it any more' the words 'I'll see what I can do'... were like music to my bleeding ears. Not long after I was whisked into another room, paper flowers and all, and it was like heaven... PEACE AT LAST!! It was silence which I've always heard was golden but until this moment I'd not really understood it... now I get it! Within 30mins of getting in there I was sorted and finally FAST ASLEEP! Even when I was woken up at 6am, I wasn't angry or frustrated, I was still there with a smile on my face because it was quiet!! I felt really sorry for the ladies left in that room though so I popped back and said 'MAKE THEM MOVE YOU!!' Within 24hrs that room was empty and the midwives were left with 4 crucial and needed beds that couldn't be filled! The hospital had been putting this critical maintenance off for over a month apparently and now they were left with a predicament... Fix it.... or Waste even more money on empty beds that could be filled!... God knows what they did in the end but if I go back to give birth in a few short months time and that room is still not had a priest/engineer in to exorcise it... I'll be writing to the bigwigs!

I was in the hospital for another night after that as I had to wait for the MRI results. But that night I slept from 10pm to 9am... I needed it obviously! The Midwife on duty had been in and out to check on me and I hadn't even stirred! Luckily the scan came back clear the next morning (it was Tuesday by that point) and I was allowed to go home... wuhoooooo.... But with strict instructions that I monitor my headaches and not do certain things... like go into town... alone! Or be alone in general.. ummm hard to do during the day when everybody is at work or school, but I'll give it a shot.

So why am I always in hospital over a weekend??... God knows but it's bloody annoying! next time I expect it to be a midweek event!

What happened next is a different story... It involves Football and a silly amount of people!... so I definitely wasn't on my own!... and a lovely amount of excitement!... which I was obviously told to steer clear of... NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN!!!


  1. Oh you poor thing, sounds like a difficult pregnancy is an understatement. I really hope the last bit flies past for you and you have a healthy little one soon enough!

  2. TBH the other ladies in there were all in such scary positions I felt completely silly and like it was going like a dream compared. Thank You I am definitely praying this next 13 weeks goes asap but as smoothly as possible too lol


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