Thursday, 26 April 2012

Pregnancy Diary: 20/04/12 - Pitch invasions whilst pregnant are NOT advisable... but brilliant!!

So following on from my last Pregnancy post, I left hospital after a long and tiring battle with a possessed radiator and a dodgy blood pressure but with a huge smile of knowing all was fine. I had some simple rules to stick to... which was to be my biggest task... I'm no good at rules... but I was indeed all OK apart from my dodgy blood pressure which apparently couldn't be helped.

I also left with the joy in my heart that as it was in fact Tuesday that I was being released which was what I was aiming/praying for the whole way through... if I hadn't been let go by then I'd have escaped...

You see TUESDAY meant what could be one of the biggest games of football for Reading FC in the whole season and as I'd missed the Friday game which was important in itself, as I was being tortured by the possessed radiator at the time, I was determined to be there... This caused some controversy as I had been given the 'stay calm and relaxed' rule not long before the game was about to start. I am not stupid. I know I had been in hospital. I know I'm 6 1/2 months pregnant and I know that football and the noise it brings with it, is the last thing the doctors had ordered whilst feeling faint & having a stupid constant headache.... They had in fact told me not to be on my own... and I was going to be part of a 22,000 strong crowd... so I was defo not on my own! Football is my life! Has been for ages and It's what has got me through the past few days in hospital and it's what I needed to do.... Much to the disgust of my parents and many others who don't like football and have no understanding of my passion. I did tell my Dad I was not going to go at all and as I said on the phone 'I promise' I had my fingers firmly crossed. The Hoff however knows me better than that, tell me NO and I'll do it anyway... he had told me that if I was going to go he knew he couldn't stop me but there were rules I had to stick to...

  1. I had to wear ear plugs... these were quite handy actually so I wasn't bothered by this!
  2. I had to stay sat down at all times... well most of the time!... I managed that though as the game itself wasn't overly exciting until the very end... but I may have stood up for a few minutes then!
  3. I had to keep drinking water and have sweet things on me!... easily done!
  4. If I felt dizzy I had to tell the people around me!... not that they'd hear me in the noise!
  5. If I thought I was going to be ill in any way at all I had to tell the medics, who happen to sit behind me!... Easily done also!
  6. and FINALLY... If we won and the results else where went our way... I MUST NOT... run on the pitch to celebrate...
WELL... I tried! I had done so well! Even when we scored I was well behaved... ish... but at that final whistle... not so much!

You see, for those non footy types, Reading FC only needed the 1 goal in the end to be promoted to the Premiership (with Man Utd, Chelsea etc) thanks to West Ham drawing their game. It had been a long agonising journey to get us to that point and when that 1 goal came, it was like someone had just told me I'd won the lottery.... I don't expect all of you to understand because football is a foreign body to most of you but it was like the cloud from the past weekend in hospital and all the worry about what was wrong had been lifted and carried away with the celebrations of the team! Kyd... well he was actually falling over himself celebrating I don't think he quite knew what it meant at the time but he was just over the moon. The Hoff even came to join me for the celebrations after the goal... although I suspect it was to keep an eye on my reaction rather than out of excitement.

With only minutes to go, the agonising wait for them NOT to score and ruin it all was on... It was very tense and I tried to sit down but I couldn't as bit by bit more and more people appeared at my side. Kyd was picked up by friends and carried off to the edge of the pitch and at that final whistle... I watched as my beautiful, loyal and ecstatic 9yo boy was carried on to the pitch for a pitch invasion he was with, what I think was, the first 50 people to get on there. I was so proud of him and  he looked so proud of himself, cheering and singing away to his footballing idles for what I would say is the best football game of his life.

I watched for all of 2 minutes then looked at Hoff and ran off... I was going on that pitch I mean, how could I not... I said loudly whilst running 'I'll be calm, I'll be calm'... got on the pitch and went mad... lol I started singing 'I'm preg-nent and on the pitch' as I ran towards some of my friends... Hoff did not look impressed! He started telling me to calm down whilst laughing as I said 'ohhh I think I'm going to wee myself'. As I made my way over to the players with a few friends I had lost sight of Kyd and although I knew he was OK and with people I trusted I was a little concerned as what started with him and the other 49 people ended in a reported 10,000 so in my head I needed him there. As I looked around I saw him hovering above the crowd with a huge smile and still singing as he was still being held up by friends. I got his attention by singing at him and they made their way over to me. I was holding up a friends sign in the middle of the pitch at the time which, I might add for those who don't know, was usually out of bounds! I was overly happy at that moment but I knew the buzz of the excitement was creating a worse reaction to my head and as I saw Hoff's concerned face take over his excited one, I started to take deep breaths and calm myself down... with the odd song and chant coming my way every now and again though obviously...

My attempt at not going on the pitch was useless... but I'd never have forgiven myself if I hadn't... and if I hadn't gone to the actual game itself... someone's head would've been rolling right then and there. I however had obviously 'promised' I wouldn't go... This was slightly broken and I was very much caught out when sky Sports focused in on the sign I was holding up... and my face appeared... whoops BUSTED!!!

We were there for a while but as we knew we wouldn't be able to get out of the car park we weren't bothered. It was so lovely to see so many fans supporting and backing the boys of Reading FC. They've worked really hard and before Christmas I for one, was laughing at the thought of winning the big prize... I have been quite sceptical as we tend to panic and lose out in the end of each season... NOT THIS TIME THOUGH!!! We went on to win the whole league a few days later and although we knew we were already up we were now Champions and the celebrations are still going on.

This was not the first time during this pregnancy that I have been in hospital and literally only hours later was sat in my seat at the Mad Stad cheering on the boys... THAT'S DEDICATION FOR YOU RIGHT THERE!!.... but it was the first time I was on the pitch! AND it was well worth it... even if I couldn't move the next day! Luckily there was only 1 more game at home after that and I was very well behaved. I am not allowed to go to the last game of the season in Birmingham because I don't want to give birth on the train or anything, so the boys are going without me... I'm not happy but it is the sensible option. Luckily we will be celebrating with 25,000 other people at the stadium as the boys lift the cup on the Sunday so I will still get some sort of final excitement out of it.

Next time I don my seat at the Mad Stad... I will be a mummy of 2 (although baby won't be there) and we will be playing in the Premiership...

Bring on the Big Boys... URRRZZZZZ

Pregnancy Diary: 19/04/12 - Why am I always in hospital on Weekends!!

So a week before I go away for a friends Hen doo... I fall flat on my face in a public toilet, after fainting and end up in hospital... for 4 excruciating days & nights... so now I can't fly... Oh the joys of losing out on a holiday you've already paid for!

I'll start from the beginning shall I....

I have had an issue with headaches and migraines throughout this pregnancy so when I felt a bit rough I just assumed it was that again, so I tried to kill it off with tablets before it got to the 'can't get out of bed' stage. Annoyingly the headache didn't go even after a few days and I had developed a slight blur in my eyes & nausea because of it. It wasn't like my usual headaches and the blur I get with migraines are usually more flashes and this was like a cloudy effect but I wasn't worried. When my thirst began to get stupid and I was downing water like an alcoholic on a park bench would down cider, I began to worry a bit. I started thinking about the signs I'd been told to look out for and after friends of mine told me to see the midwife on the Friday, I dropped Kyd off with a friend and I began to think 'oh dear what could it be?' But my midwife wasn't available and my GP wasn't answering... Helpful

To cut a long story short, I was in town on my own and I passed out just as I shut the door of a public toilet... well I think I did anyway.... as I found myself slumped across the toilet... classy... I'd banged my bump as I'd passed out so I started to panic a little. I sat there for a good 10 - 15 minutes because I felt a bit weak and I was worried I'd be sick or do it again. Luckily I was in the right place as I was near an NHS walk in centre!! I walked up to the counter and as I began to talk I burst into tears the only words I got out were 'I'm 6 1/2 months pregnant and.....'

The walk in centre were brilliant they sat me down, started to calm me down and  worked out what was wrong. They took me into a side room and did the obvious blood sugar and urine tests... all clear. My Blood Pressure however was so far down the scale I might as well have been dead, I wasn't alarmed by this as I have a generally low blood pressure but it always panics the doctors and midwives. The nurse got hold of my GP and the angel on reception managed to get me squeezed in to be seen within 45mins of the phone call, which shocked everyone at the Walk In as on a Friday, at a GP surgery, this is odd to say the least. I did have to walk to the bus to get up there which was a bit worrying at the time but I made it to the GP and I sat and waited, just pleased to be there.

As the GP walked in I was slumped on the floor as I had felt a bit strange again and thought the floor was a better place to fall from than a chair (see mum I do listen to you sometimes). I then realised I couldn't get up and as she giggled and said 'are you OK?' I smiled and she helped me up. It was a funny sight to be honest and even I was laughing. She went through the whole thing again with me and after a good listen to the baby... which took a while as he still likes to hide... she decided that I needed to go to the hospital for the Emergency Clinic so they could take a look.... This day was just getting worse!!

The Emergency Clinic shuts at 6pm... yep it shuts at 6pm!!! What sort of 'Emergency Clinic' shuts at a specific time? Surely an emergency clinic is for emergencies... which can happen at any time... No?! Anyway as it was 5.15pm and I had to get home get my notes and get to the hospital by 6... I was panicking because I really didn't think I'd make it on time. I phoned Hoff and told him he had to leave work early, explained and told him he had to meet me at home... he works in a different town though so I assumed he wouldn't get to me in time so I was panicking even more BUT to my surprise he made it... to be fair my judgement on timings for journeys is awful so don't worry he wasn't foot to floor the whole way. I got to the Clinic at 5.58pm... great timing!! Hoff reluctantly left me at the maternity block and went to park the car, so not to waste time, then made his way to me in the clinic. We did all the tests all over again, went through what happened for the 3rd time and waited to see what they wanted to do next...

Here is where, at 8pm, I was put on one of the maternity wards for monitoring. They were worried about Pre-eclampsia and my headaches and wanted to monitor me just until they were sure. I was a little bit gutted if I'm honest as I was sure I'd just be in and out and I was only there to double check about bumping my bump... and baby seemed absolutely fine. Also I was missing the footy and it was a very important game BUT don't get me wrong, I was very pleased they were monitoring me and that I was being reassured that baby was ok... I wasn't missing too much of the footy though as the lovely folk on Facebook were keeping me updated of the scores and the odd cheer and boo were coming out of my ward bay, which amused a few of the dads who were visiting as they were obviously missing the game too!!

The Possessed Radiator's Gonna Get Ya!!!....
The room on the ward I was in had this weird groan and what sounded like a really loud filtered fish tank, I assumed it was the lady next to me on some sort of drip as the curtains were shut so I couldn't tell. I dealt with the noise even with a stupid headache still looming over me, well until the morning when I asked the lady opposite what it was... she then said it was the radiator and that it has been like that continuously since she has been there... the Wednesday before!! OH GOOD GOD REALLLLLLY?!! This is bonkers I can't even explain the noise of this thing it was madness. I carried on dealing with the noise thinking that I was going to be out of there that night... which was not to be!! My blood pressure was still coming up with silly low numbers which was freaking the midwives out and my head was getting worse, obviously not helped with the noise.

On night 3.... yep 3! I'd had enough, I wanted to scream!! It was getting louder and louder and louder... I couldn't sleep and I wasn't sure whether the headache was the original one or a new one created by the possessed radiator. It really was possessed! It was like it was taunting me! WHY would you put someone in hospital with a severe headache in a room with a constant loud noise??? I'd been told that day that I was going to be sent for an MRI scan to make sure all was OK in my head and I got to the stage that if I wasn't moved I was going to scratch my eyes out and smash my head against the wall until there really was a problem to look for!!

At 1am the midwife popped her head round the curtain as she had seen the light was still on... there I was sat making tissue paper flowers... AT 1AM!! You see I'd been told by the doctor No TV, No computer, I was not even to do any reading... No Nothing, basically I had to just sit there... that was never going to happen but I did stick to it sort of, I just needed something to do and as My Wedding is all being made by me... I thought I'd get on with some of it whist I had the chance... even though it isn't until July 2013!.... ANYWAY the midwife said 'ummmmm do you normally make paper flowers at 1am?' my response 'doesn't everybody?' the clear sarcasm in my voice made her laugh and I said 'are you deaf? how can anybody sleep with this stupid noise?' her response... 'it does seem to be louder'... Me... 'I actually think I'll commit murder if you don't make it stop, I can't deal with it any more' the words 'I'll see what I can do'... were like music to my bleeding ears. Not long after I was whisked into another room, paper flowers and all, and it was like heaven... PEACE AT LAST!! It was silence which I've always heard was golden but until this moment I'd not really understood it... now I get it! Within 30mins of getting in there I was sorted and finally FAST ASLEEP! Even when I was woken up at 6am, I wasn't angry or frustrated, I was still there with a smile on my face because it was quiet!! I felt really sorry for the ladies left in that room though so I popped back and said 'MAKE THEM MOVE YOU!!' Within 24hrs that room was empty and the midwives were left with 4 crucial and needed beds that couldn't be filled! The hospital had been putting this critical maintenance off for over a month apparently and now they were left with a predicament... Fix it.... or Waste even more money on empty beds that could be filled!... God knows what they did in the end but if I go back to give birth in a few short months time and that room is still not had a priest/engineer in to exorcise it... I'll be writing to the bigwigs!

I was in the hospital for another night after that as I had to wait for the MRI results. But that night I slept from 10pm to 9am... I needed it obviously! The Midwife on duty had been in and out to check on me and I hadn't even stirred! Luckily the scan came back clear the next morning (it was Tuesday by that point) and I was allowed to go home... wuhoooooo.... But with strict instructions that I monitor my headaches and not do certain things... like go into town... alone! Or be alone in general.. ummm hard to do during the day when everybody is at work or school, but I'll give it a shot.

So why am I always in hospital over a weekend??... God knows but it's bloody annoying! next time I expect it to be a midweek event!

What happened next is a different story... It involves Football and a silly amount of people!... so I definitely wasn't on my own!... and a lovely amount of excitement!... which I was obviously told to steer clear of... NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN!!!

Monday, 2 April 2012

Pregnancy Diary: 02/04/12 - A quick catch up...

Since we last spoke...

I've had a bit of a mad few months, not only with being pregnant, which seems to have disappeared out of my mind and then come back in with a big thud, but with Kyd and his ongoing battle with his health issues. We've been busy doing all sorts of things in between as we have been trying to fit life in to the hectic health issue schedule... which is less like a schedule and more like a free for all for germs.

ANYWAY... Let's catch up...

We had our 18wk scan, all is good Sprout is growing perfectly and he seems to be as stubborn as his brother. He found it funny to hide deep down so that we couldn't see him. He hid and hid and then flashed his bit's at us. We only managed to get 1 good photo and on that... he looks like he's laughing at us! Typical!! I'm pleased all is going well and that the doctors have now signed me over solely to the midwife! whoop

Where the hell has this come from??? I thought your skin glowed during pregnancy? Not in my case! I've gone back to being a teenager, even though I never actually had bad skin even then. I've had tiny bit's of eczema all my life, generally related to my dairy allergies but always manageable. I have never had to deal with many spot's either, if I'm honest, my sister and brother both had quite bad skin so I was always the lucky one. But now my lovely clear (ish) skin has turned into a free for all for spot's and dry skin. I hate it! My face is like a swimming pool one minute and then like a desert the next! I can't seem to control it either and it's getting embarrassing. It's hard to fight something out of your control and for a control freak like me this is like hell! I'm trying though and hopefully it is just a phase of my pregnancy that will disappear eventually and that I will be glowing in no time!

I'm not doing too bad with the swelling part of pregnancy just now but the constant aches and pains in my knees and legs in general are getting on my nerves! I can't sleep because no matter what I do or what position I'm in I'm still in pain! I can't even take anything to help and my paracetamol supply is running low as I've had so many other issues... My pregnancy pillow is helping though slightly it's making my posture much better so when I do get to sleep I get there with the help of that... again I'm hoping this is just a phase and I'll be happy again asap!

OK so I'm not the brainiest of folk but I am quite on the ball most of the time... (stop laughing)... but not any more! My brain has disappeared, my life has disappeared and my common sense is failing. I seem to have lost a few months into oblivion, as each day has disappeared quicker than the last and I have no recollection of where it's all gone!! I've fallen behind on everything, I've forgotten things and missed appointments, I've even not bothered writing my beloved post it notes! I am becoming a complete mess! I need to get back on track but each time I try, something knocks me back and I get all confused again. How the hell am I supposed to deal with this with a new baby in tow too.... I need a quick fix and I need one now! I can not deal with this any more it's getting me down and causing more issues than I can deal with on top of Kyd's fantastic effort against his health...
Please someone help me, I am looking for a lovely new mind, a whole brain would be lovely actually, maybe a new head too... PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP will pay a decent amount of tea and cake in exchange for a decent working collection of the above.

I thought in this trimester you were supposed to be more alive and awake... am I just a freak or has my body not quite caught up with the text?? I tend to believe the pregnancy text but at the moment everything the pregnancy websites say seems to be non applicable to me! My body is either having a laugh at my expense or they are all lying to me.... I'm constantly knackered! I slept for 12 hours the other day, granted I was awake a few times in between due to needing a wee, sore legs or cat jumping on head related incidents but all in all it was still 12 hours.... and guess what I woke up STILL tired! What is with that??? I know I've had a hectic few months so that won't have helped but I am currently needing to sleep more than at the beginning of this mad pregnancy journey... I can't even have caffeine to help me through it... God help me!

So I panicked and wasn't sure what it was when I first felt sprout moving but now there is no doubt about it. I have a fully fledged Premiership Footballer in my belly... that or I've been taken over by an alien and it's trying to escape! He tends to wait until I rest before he kicks me to death from the inside out but he is very lively most of the time. It's lovely..... WELL it was lovely until he started jumping on my bladder and making me almost wee myself. He likes the football now too... good job really as he has no choice. Every time we score, which has been quite a few times recently, he goes bananas in my belly. at one point he seemed to be pogoing on my bladder and I had to run out of the stand and to the toilet quicker than ever before... lesson learnt though, go to the toilet before football, just in case we get a goal, saves embarrassing wet patches on the floor!

It's lovely that Kyd has all of a sudden become fascinated with what's going on in my belly. He has openly announced his pending brother randomly half way through conversations with people and he is currently helping with turning his playroom into a nursery without even a mutter about losing his favourite room in the house. He has taken this better than I could ever have imagined and I am praying that it stays this way. Explaining things to Kyd is hard as we aren't quite sure what he understands and what he doesn't as he can't communicate very well but he seems to have got used to the idea... here's hoping it stays like this when he's screaming at 3am!

Well that's enough for now I will post more asap... well when I've caught up with everything else that is...