Thursday, 1 March 2012

Pregnancy Diary: 8/02/12 - Can I feel him Moving?

So that really weird feeling inside where you don’t know whether your belly is struggling to digest your lunch or it’s your baby moving, has just occurred. I have IBS, so in my head I’ve been telling myself it was just my belly being awkward but on the other hand I reckon it might be him wrestling with himself in there!... if he’s anything like his brother wrestling would be the only thing he was doing as there is no ball in there to play football with. But then again I’m not quite sure whether it is him or not, this is so confusing.
I know that with your second baby you can often feel things quicker, so it would be more than likely that this awkward sensation in my belly is him freaking out inside me.... But is this too early to feel it? I’m now 16wks... is that normal? Oh I don’t know this is all alien to me.  I can’t help but want to think this is him telling me he’s here!... I’ll go with that lol.

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  1. im 13 weeks with my second and i swear i can feel my baby move! just take it that it is i suppose! xxx


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