Friday, 2 March 2012

Pregnancy Diary: 12/02/12 - Where's the heartbeat?

Today we got to hear our baby’s heartbeat for the first time since the CVS test. I’m not going to lie I was freaking out. I know we heard it literally straight after the CVS test but since then... nothing. I was scared that I may have miscarried and not known. I think I’d got reliant on the many checkups, tests and scans that we’d had over the first few months and this quiet period had been all of a sudden.

This morning was all a bit of a fluster, we had managed to get there way too early. Kyd was really poorly so not at school and he had to come with us. His cough, that he’d had for a few weeks now just hadn’t budged... this always rings alarm bells in my head as his coughs often settle on his chest and he gets very poorly. We haven’t really had much sleep and we tend to rush about thinking we are late... because, usually, we are late. I had phoned the doctors the day before to get an appointment for Kyd and we had only managed to get him a phone call appointment which was fine with me, as that usually leads to a ‘come in asap’. Anyway, as we were there early for the midwife the secretary, who is one of Kyd’s biggest fans, noticed how poorly he really was and called a doctor into the waiting room. The doctor took us off and checked him over... turns out he has a very bad chest infection... AGAIN! We have had years of this so I wasn’t surprised. Anyway our bonkers rushing around and our earliness had worked out for the best as now we are sorted and when we get back we don’t have to mess about again and get back there.... and the wait we were dreading was now over and we had been distracted by Kyd and the doctor... Hoorah.

Right, well now it was that time, time to go in and face the ‘is it there? Isn’t it there?’ The midwife said that all the paper work was up to date, she did the urine testing, All Clear, then said do you want to hear the baby’s heartbeat... I explained that we were nervous because we’d not heard it since the CVS and she said ok well let’s get your mind cleared. She also said that If I ever got that worried again just to phone up for an appointment and they’d do a quick heartbeat test... yeah brilliant tell me that now!! Lol. 

I laid down, she put the cold jelly on my belly and then... NOTHING... she looked very confused. She said something like ‘he’s hiding’ but I can’t remember, I was freaking out. My fingers instantly crossed and I went to look at Hoff... he was holding Kyd’s hand and he looked horrified. She re placed the monitor to another part of my belly and then said ‘let’s try again shall we’... still nothing... I was sure it was all over and he’d gone. But then a really quiet ‘dum de dum de dum de dum’ came across on the monitor... Oh My Lord, are you trying to kill my nerves baby! The midwife said he was still hiding but he was there and that the heartbeat, although quiet, was perfect... now if I could have smacked his bum at this point, I’d have done it, stubborn little monkey... I have no idea where he gets that from... *whistles*. The little live wire wouldn’t stay still for the scan the other week and now he hides for the heartbeat monitor... I think we have our work cut out with this one.

So there we go he’s there and he’s alive and he’s as stubborn as your average Baillie, much to Hoff’s horror. I must admit I took the deepest breath once I heard it. I was petrified the risks were so high after the CVS but the test results had all come back clear, so what was the betting it’d be just my luck for it to go wrong now... Turns out I might actually be one lucky little bugger myself. Wuhooooooo!

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  1. oh i love a happy ending, you will be a lucky mother x


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