Thursday, 16 February 2012

Pregnancy Diary: 21st Jan - Making the announcement!

We wanted to tell some of our best friends before we announced it to the world via social networking as we didn’t want them to be part of the masses. We obviously informed the people we had already told about the baby before tonight, that everything was ok but we had a big group of local friends who we wanted to tell face to face. These people were friends that we met through, we spend lots of time with and for me have been a rock in the hardest of times without them even knowing. We had the best opportunity as some of our friends were having a party, only days after we got the results. This gave us time to get our heads round the news and let a few select others know before we announce it. We have some amazing friends and we have had to be so secretive with them which has been so hard to do. Hoff found this easier than me as I am one of those people who just can’t hold my tongue with important news. I had a few initial worries and stumbled over my words when trying to tell them and found myself avoiding the word pregnant... I just couldn’t say it! I couldn’t get that word out so I said ‘I’m getting fat’ winked and rubbed my belly or ‘I’m not drinking for a special reason’ with the same action... I don’t know what was wrong with me why couldn’t I say the one word that described it perfectly, anyway they got the jist.

So for the party, as a bit of fun, we had to write a poem, it could be about anything we liked but we had to write one ourselves. I took this as the best opportunity to make my announcement and work the words ‘We’re having a baby’ into the poem for shock tactics. I asked the host’s if this was ok first as I didn’t want to steal the lime light but as they already knew about Sprout they were 100% happy with me doing it this way. So the task of writing the poem was now on me... this was bonkers how was I supposed to do this? Do I do long and soppy? Short and sweet? Funny and tactical?... I decided I was going to go with a mix of the 3... So after 4 attempts here is how I broke the news....

How times change over the years,
Boy’s drinking Smirnoff and girls drinking beers.
Boy’s watching cooking programmes and reality TV,
Girls watching cricket and loving the footy.
Life is very different for me now too,
And I believe this is down to all of you.
Without meeting you I’d be ever so boring,
I’d be like old man Kev sat in the corner snoring.
I’d not even know half of the stuff that I do,
Scrap that, who am I kidding; I still don’t have a clue.
With knots in my straws and J bombs now banned,
Life is so different from that in the sand.
I wouldn’t change any of you lot for the world,
But that’s enough soppy shit before I make you all hurl.
I now live life to the full and I blame lots on drink,
But as you can see I’m not drinking, so why’s that dya think?
You see we’ve got our own bit of news, Hoff and me,
We’re excited to say, we’re expecting our first baby...
So for all those cheeky gits who just thought I’d got fat...
Tonight keep one eye open... I own a cricket bat!!

I was shaking so much I couldn’t read the bloody paper and I stumbled when I got to the word ‘baby’ as I was just about to cry... but I pulled myself together and said the last few lines with ease before being greeted with hugs, kisses and congratulations. Sadly some of the guests were late so we then had to break the news again, without the poetic wording this time... bloody late comers! Anyway everyone was over the moon and as I’d scheduled the ‘Breaking News: We’re having a baby!’ blog post for 9.30pm I jumped onto the nearest computer and shared it via twitter and facebook so that everyone could join in the fun... only issue was I think I shared it via someone else’s facebook first as it didn’t appear on my timeline... I had to go back and reshare it, via mine this time, and it was successful. In fact my phone just didn’t stop beeping... It’s still going now at 2.30am!!
So now EVERYBODY knows and we’re having to come to terms with the fact that this is now ever so real but we are ever so excited. I have never seen Hoff grin so much when they started shouting ‘Daddy, daddy Hoff, Daddy, Daddy Hoff!’ he looked so proud... then he made a joke about not knowing if it’s his until the results get back... It got a big laugh but I threw something at his head, cheeky git!

We had an amazing time at the party and would like to thank the hosts Nikki & Gary for letting us break the news and jump the lime light for a few moments... and for all the amazing food!

Now for the future.... EEEEEKKKKK

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